Pole Fitness


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Welcome to UEA Pole Fitness!!!

UEA's very own Pole Fitness club!

We are a group of enthusiastic, friendly people who invite beginners and experts alike to join us. We have both male and female members and welcome anyone regardless of age, gender, ability, etc.

Weekly lessons are held on campus, plus free practice sessions for members :)

£17.50 for the whole year, then £2 for every lesson you attend. 
Practices are members only and are free!

If you sign up for a course then do not show up for your lessons, a refund of membership will not be given. This is because the place is reserved for you on the course which could have been given to someone else. 

Beginners: Please note that if you miss the two lessons you will lose your place due to the pace at which we like to try and progress our members. There is also  an enourmous demand for this class therefore we will allocate it to someone on the reserve list.

If you have previous experience and you are unsure which class to sign up to please speak with a member of the committee. 

When do you train?
Lessons last an hour every Sunday between 4pm – 8pm in Congregation Hall.

What are the classes like?
Classes start with a warm up to prepare your body and prevent injury (Please turn up 10-15 minutes before your lesson for the warm up). Then our fabulous PDC approved instructor Holly will demonstrate a move, break it down into manageable parts and everyone can have a go. We may cover three or four moves in a lesson, as well as some spins and footwork. The lesson ends with a cool down to reduce soreness and improve flexibility. 

What do I wear?
Shorts and a vest or T-shirt. Shorts are recommended as the skin on your legs is needed to grip the pole. 

What not to wear!
To avoid injury to yourself and damage to the poles, please don't apply lotions, tanning products or any type of moisturiser before class. These make the poles slippery which can be dangerous. Jewellery must not be worn as it can damage the poles.

Do I need to bring anything else to the classes?
A bottle of water to keep you hydrated and possibly a small towel/cloth to keep your hands dry. We have some chalk to aid grip, but feel free to bring your own.

Remember everyone was a beginner once!
Sometimes people are nervous about starting pole fitness with issues of fitness and flexibility especially regarding upper body strength. But don't worry! Your upper body strength and overall fitness will improve throughout the lessons, developing as you learn.

We hope to see you soon!

If you have an unanswered question about the UEA Pole Fitness Club, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the committee members or simply comment on the Facebook page.

Committee 2017/18:

President  Shayn Mepham
Secretary Oksana Shlonimskaya
Treasurer  Amy Stoner
Social Secretary Sophie Keeble
Equipment coordinator Stephanie Ayres
Publicity Secretary Nina Evangeli
Health and Safety Officer Elouise Mayall


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