Black History Month

Black History Month
with uea(su)!

Black history month is all about celebrating, recognising, and honouring all the amazing contributions, creations, and the overall cultural impact that Black people have made throughout history, especially as these contributions have often been overlooked or downplayed.

This month is an opportunity to share and promote the knowledge of Black history, to celebrate all the amazing things that Black people have done and are currently doing around the world. We’re also celebrating here at UEA our fantastic cohort of Black students and their amazing contributions.

Throughout the next year there will be opportunities for students to put forward their suggestions so we can better understand what Black students need from the su, as well as workshops and online meetups that look at leadership skills and navigating different kind of spaces.

We recognise that whilst Black History month is vital in celebrating the achievements of Black students and their history, there’s still a lot more we can do as a union to improve the relationship between ourselves and our community of Black students, and we are committed to working on change.

For more information on what we’re looking to do email the Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer at


Black History Month Events

this week

Thu 21st October

International Students ISS Black history conversation club
21st October 4pm - 6pm
Congregation Hall 0.17
Celebrate black history month by joining the first International students society conversation club this Thursday!
Womanist Voices of Black History
21st October 6pm - 8pm
Julian Study Centre 2.02
An evening of sharing work by Black authors!
21st October 8pm - 10pm

Sat 23rd October

Philosophy BHM Reading Group - Bell Hooks 'eating the other'
23rd October 2pm - 4pm
Bookable Room 1 @ Union House
We will be holding a reading group of extracts from Bell Hooks' - eating the other.
Philosophy Pub Social
23rd October 4:30pm - 9pm
Blue Bar @ BarSU
From 4:30pm-9pm we will be holding a Pub Social.

Mon 25th October

UEA Students' Union Black Mental Health Workshop
25th October 5pm - 7pm
Bookable Room 6
African Caribbean Medical Society BHM Movie Night
25th October 7pm - 10pm
Elizabeth Fry Building 01.08
To celebrate black history month, we're hosting a movie night on the 25th October at 7pm!! The movie we'll be watching is Get Out and snacks and pizza will be provided!!

Links and Resources

Check out our social media campaign for regular updates throughout Black History Month 2021!

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