Rugby Women


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                                              Committee 2019/2020

  • President – Libby Bonis
  • Secretary – Louise Collins
  • Treasurer – Kate Whiley 
  • 1st Team Captain – Jess Miller 
  • 2nd Team Captain – Dorothy Tidman
  • Social Secretaries – Claudia Holmes &  Georgia Cakebread
  • Publicity Secretary – Becky Moon



We are a group of individuals who have been brought together because of our love of keeping fit, pushing ourselves and being social.


As one of the most successful teams on campus, we are able to keep pushing the limits of the club and have had great success over the years. Our 1st team have remained in their higher league finishing fifth this season after being promoted in 2016. The 2nd team this year will have the oppurtunity to play friendlies against other universities and local teams. It will be a great way to focus on skills, learn the rules of the games and find the right position for you without the pressure of a BUC's team! 

We welcome individuals of any ability, size or age to come along, have a laugh and keep fit.


  • MONDAY: 5-7pm Colney Lane
  • FRIDAY: 5-7pm Colney Lane (Dec-Feb SportsPark Astros)

Training takes places at Colney Lane or at the Sportspark Astros. Below is a map on how to get to Colney Lane; it’s about a ten minute walk from the square.

Our First Team have BUCS matches regularly on Wednesdays, both home and away.

Our Seccond Team will have friendlies against local teams and other universities both home and away on weekends.

If you fancy a challenge or a bit of a laugh, come along and have a go! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!



President - Ellie Bokor-Ingram

  Degree: Accounting and Finance

  Rugby Position: Winger

  Years Playing Rugby: 4

  About Me: Hi I’m Ellie and I’m lucky enough to be your President this year. Being a ballet dancer all my life  I never thought that a sport like rugby would appeal to me, that is until I stepped on the pitch at school and realised what I had been missing! Playing Rugby at UEA has not only been the greatest fun, it has given me a family and friends I will have for a lifetime. I am so excited to lead the club from strength to strength this year and for UEAWRUFC to reach its full potential!

  Best Rugby Moment: Its hard to pick a best moment, as from the first training session I instantly felt so welcome and part of such an incredible family, but if I had to pick one stand out moment it would be the very first match of the season in my first year where I scored my first every try (despite being a winger for 2 years) and was the first new fresher to score one! Scoring it for the Wolfpack definitely made the wait worth it :) 


Secretary - Georgia Seymour 

  Degree: Biological Sciences

  Rugby Position: Flanker

  Years Playing Rugby: 3

  About Me: I started playing rugby after a friend suggested trying it out. I was hesitant at first as I believed rugby wasn't for me, but I'm so glad I went and I have not looked back since then. I knew I wasnted to continue playing rugby at uni, and from my first training session I felt so welcomed. Rugby is such a great sport because I have made friends for life, and everyone around you wants the best for you both on and off the pitch, and everyone is so supportive and friendly.

  Best Rugby Moment: Its hard to chose, but being able to represent the first team during my first season with UEAWRUFC was such an honour. I finally scored my first ever try last year surrounded by my freinds, and of course playing and winning Derby Day 2019!


Treasurer - Faye Stevenson

Degree: International Relations

Rugby Position: Flanker

Years Playing Rugby: 1

About Me: I’m your treasurer this year and I’m super excited to be apart of the committee since women’s rugby truly is the best! I started playing rugby at uni so I’m relatively new to the sport still, but joining rugby has definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve made since being at uni! I’m excited to meet you all and hope you enjoy being apart of the team as much as we all have ! 

Best Rugby moment: Last match of the season was definitely a highlight for me, even though we lost we had the best fun and everyone put their all in and I just so vividly remember having the absolute best time whatever the result at the end of the match!

1st Team Captain - Georgie Taylor

  Degree: Media Studies

  Rugby Position: Second Row

  Years Playing Rugby: 11? I think?

  About Me: I am so excited to be first team captain this year, I'm ready for an absolute belter on a season! I'm from a rugby family so I finally feel like I'm not a disappointment to them. When I'm not  on the pitch you'll be able to find me in the Square with a dark fruits in hand.

Best Rugby Moment: Scoring my first try for UEA was pretty special but for me it was getting our first win of the 2018/2019 season. We had worked so hard for it and it was a double header with both the 1's and 2's winning their match at home.


2nd Team Captain - Hannah Piper

  Degree: History

  Rugby Position: Hooker/Flanker/Prop

  Years Playing Rugby: 9

  About Me: I started playing Rugby after a friend asked me to join the school team, so she could have enough people to play a match and I've never looked back.Rugby has given me friends for life and I don't know where I'd be without it. Off pitch you can usually find me shopping in the plant shops dotted around Norwich, (or more accurately: being dragged away from them by friends protecting my bank balance.) Otherwise you can find me in the library, or in the bar, with a drink in hand.

I'm so excited to be your Second Team Captain this year and look forward to meeting everyone new. I'm absolutely buzzing for the season ahead!

Best Rugby Moment: For me it was our team scoring our first try of the 2018/19 season, in an away game. It was a team try that we all worked really hard for together and it was just such an amazing moment, I felt so proud of everyone.


Fitness Captain - Chantelle Johnson

  Degree: Law

  Rugby Position: Flanker 

  Years Playing Rugby: 9 (with a break)

  About Me: I started playing rugby when I was 12 at school but stopped playing when I started college as there wasn’t a women’s team. When I started uni I was unsure if I should start playing again to focus on my degree but I am SO glad I decided to join Women’s Rugby. I have made friends for life, made the best memories and there has been no negative effects on my degree. 

I am looking forward to embracing this new role as fitness captain and I am excited to see what the next year has in store for UEAWRFC!

Best Rugby Moment: Scoring my first ever try on Derby Day (FINALLY 9 years later, better late than never lol)


Social Secretary - Amelia Jones

  Degree: Accounting and Management

  Rugby Position: Flanker / Second Row

  Years Playing Rugby: 5?

  About me: I'm Amelia and I make up half of this years social sec duo "Jamelia". I love a good night out, a drink infront of the Rugby and never miss a     sports night! I can't wait for bevs, boogies and banter this year, its going to be great! Can't wait to meet you all soon.

  Best rugby moment: The first game of last season, coming off the pitch with all of my best mates for the first time!



Social Secretary - Joanna Tobbell

  Degree: International Development

  Rugby Position: 

  Years playing rugby: 1

  About me: Hello! I'm Joanna and form half of the social sec duo "Jamelia". Doing ballet for the first 18 years of my life, then doing hip hop for my first year at uni means it was a bit of a wildcard choosing rugby in second year, but it was one of the best decisions I made all year! Being part of womens rugby at UEA gives you the opportunity to be part of such a lovely (and mad) community and its really made my uni experience.

I’m really excited to be social sec with Amelia and get the fun as good off the pitch as it is on!

Best Rugby moment: I would have to say our double header last year (both 1s and 2s playing at home) where we both won. All the UEA players and spectators celebrating together must have been one of the highs of my uni experience so far. 


Publicity Secretary - Evie Crouch

Degree: Ecology and Conservation

Rugby Position: Inside centre (12)

Years Playing Rugby: 3

About me: I joined women's rugby at the start of uni 3 years ago and having only done solo sports before it was amazing to do a sport as part of a team, I haven't looked back since! I'm very excited to be pub sec this year which I'll be doing alongside my ecology degree as a massive nature nerd. I'm an eco weirdo and an all round mess, but I'm also a big fan of memes, money and mojitos! 

Best rugby moment: Scoring our first try with the seconds in my first eyar and acting like we won the league. 


We are very excited for the coming year and can't wait to see you down at Colney for some Champagne Rugby!