Rugby Women


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                                              Committee 2018/2019

  • President – Hannah Shaw
  • Secretary – Izzie Hockey
  • Treasurer – Lea Sixtl
  • 1st Team Captain – India Gilmore
  • 2nd Team Captain – Alice Martin
  • Development Team Captain – Katelyn Wall
  • Social Secretaries – Georgie Taylor and Izzy Hall
  • Publicity Secretary – Ellena Jansen



We are a group of individuals who have been brought together because of our love of keeping fit, pushing ourselves and being social.

As one of the most successful teams on campus, we are able to keep pushing the limits of the club and have had great success over the years. Our 1st team have remained in their higher league finishing third this season after being promoted in 2016. The 2nd team have gone from strength to strength recently finishing 2nd in their league and are looking to take this one step further this season.
Last year we introduced a development team into the mix who will play matches on various weekends throughout the year. As well as keeping a focus on development, we’re trying to make this team a ‘Third Team’ in its own right that will consist of both experienced and novice players, providing a supportive environment to increase rugby skills.

We welcome individuals of any ability, size or age to come along, have a laugh and keep fit.


  • MONDAY: 5-7pm Colney Lane
  • FRIDAY: 5-7pm Sportspark Astro
  • SATURDAY: 11am-1pm Colney Lane

Training takes places at Colney Lane or at the Sportspark Astros. Below is a map on how to get to Colney Lane; it’s about a ten minute walk from the square.

We have BUCS matches regularly on Wednesdays, both home and away.

Fixtures will also be available on some weekends over the season for our development team.

If you fancy a challenge or a bit of a laugh, come along and have a go. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!



President - Hannah Shaw

  Degree: Physiotherapy

  Rugby Position: Fullback

  Years Playing Rugby: 3

  About Me: Hi I’m Hannah and I’m lucky enough to be your President this year. After spending most of    my time growing up playing netball, soon the temptation of running with the ball became too much so I    decided to try my hand at rugby. There’s never been a dull moment for me and I’m excited for what’s      to come.

  Best Rugby Moment: Last season we had a few matches where the result came down to the very last minute of the match. It was one of those games where everyone gave their all and fought back every time the opposition scored. In the end we won by 2 points and everyone was so emotional at the end – it was a great match.


Secretary - Izzie Hockey

  Degree: History

  Rugby Position: Flanker

  Years Playing Rugby: 1

  About Me: I started playing rugby when I came to UEA not having a clue what I was doing and I've        made amazing memories and great friends! Aside from rugby, I love traveling and I recently spent my    summer working at a Girl Scout camp in Oregon. Rugby is the best decision I ever made at university    because it has brought me so many amazing opportunities and great friends. 

  Best Rugby Moment: My favourite rugby moment was when we had a double header in December, both teams won and it was such a fun day! 


Treasurer - Lea Sixtl

  Degree: Economics

  Rugby Position: 12 (Inside Centre)

  Years playing rugby: 1

  About Me: Heya, I’m Lea, your treasurer, making sure we’ve got the money together. Coming from a      not-so-rugby-playing country, I thought I’d give this sport a shot. Even though I was (maybe still am)        very confused about the rules, the girls at UEA made me love this sport! Everyone is super                 welcoming, open for all sorts of people and always so excited to play rugby. It made me feel part of a     team, a family, the wolfpack.

Best Rugby Moment: The first time on the pitch with the team backing every single thing I did, even though I still didn’t understood much more than passing backwards and tackling low.

1st Team Captain - India Gilmore

  Degree: International Relations with Politics

  Rugby Position: Scrum Half

  Years Playing Rugby: 6

  About Me: Hey I’m India, but you probably know me as the winner of UEA Strictly Come Dancing      2018! I love gin, nachos and long walks on the beach. From time to time you can catch me playing    a bit of ruggers and tripping over before the try line. It’s my third year playing rugby for the wolf pack and this time I’m the 1XV captain! It’s going to be a year of champagne rugby and I can’t wait!

Best Rugby Moment: The last game of the season we had to drive up to Nottingham Trent in a fleet of cars because our bus had been cancelled and there was no way that we were forfeiting that game! It was the last play of the game and we were 2 points down. A gap opened up around the side of the ruck and I darted through and over the line to score the winning try. Everyone just went mad, such a good game and everyone played so well! It was a great way to end the season; winning the last game surrounded by all your best mates.


2nd Team Captain - Alice Martin

  Degree: History and politics 

  Rugby Position: Hooker 

  Years Playing Rugby: 5

  About Me: I would describe myself as confident, loud, social and sometimes a little bossy! I have      been playing rugby on and off since I was 12, it’s a big passion of mine. The feeling of playing with      your team on a pitch is indescribable! I would say I probably go out a little too much, was drunk for a month straight in Freshers of first year and love a good sports night. I’m looking forward to taking on the responsibility of being second team captain and will try my hardest to be the best captain I can be. Making sure I back my girls on and off the pitch whether that’s helping them score a try, making a tackle or even on the lcr dance floor. I’m buzzing for a great year of taking on new challenges. 

Best Rugby Moment: My favourite moment playing rugby was when I made a tackle on one of my first matches back after recovering from a broken collar bone and it stopped the other team from winning the game and scoring a final try in the last few minutes.


Development Team Captain - Katelyn Wall

  Degree: Adult Nursing 

  Rugby Position: Flanker or 8 

  Years Playing Rugby: 1

  About Me: My name is Katelyn, I am stupidly tall and have been playing rugby for a year. I was just    voted third team captain and am so excited to meet you all. 

Best Rugby Moment: Playing in the second teams first ever Cup Semi-Final game and making a tackle that stopped the other team scoring a try.


Social Secretary - Georgie Taylor

  Degree: Media Studies

  Rugby Position: Second Row

  Years Playing Rugby: 10

  About Me: This year, I am privileged to be one half of ‘Gizzy’, the all-ginger duo with 10/10 banter.    We are in charge of making sure everyone has the most fun on all of our socials because rugby       girls have the best nights out, there’s something for everyone. I’m from a rugby family and started playing when I was 5 and it is the best sport for me, you get so close with everyone and I feel it’s the only thing I’m maybe half decent at. I’m so excited for the year ahead filled with banter, bevs and rugby balls.

Best Rugby Moment: I was very lucky to come to university and be given the chance to play for the 1XV for my first ever uni match. I could’ve been sick with nerves but the girls were all supportive and what’s better than playing some good old rugby with your amazing mates.


Social Secretary - Izzy Hall

  Degree: History

  Rugby Position: Number 8

  Years Playing Rugby: 7

  About Me: This year I’m lucky enough to be a part of the partnership that we have named ‘Gizzy’.      As social sec, we are here to ensure that everyone feels welcome, as well as introducing you to the    best socials on campus. Our teams are second-to-none, we’re such a tight knit family and I’m so glad to have been fortunate enough to find these girls. Rugby has always been a massive part of my life and I’m hoping this year I can make the club’s rugby year one to remember.

Best Rugby Moment: I was fortunate enough to start for the 1st Team on my first ever match for UEAWRUFC. Scoring a try during the same match, winning and then my first Sports Night made it the most incredible day.


Publicity Secretary - Ellena Jansen

  Degree: Film and English Literature

  Rugby Position: Hooker (2)

  Years Playing Rugby: 2

  About Me: My name is Ellena, but affectionally known as Smells. I dabbled in rugby for a couple of years,      but started Rugby Union once I joined UEA, and it is a decision I do NOT regret! My first year has been an      absolute blast with these girls from playing intense matches to slightly unforgettable sports nights to having    a mad week in Croatia on tour. Not only have I become fitter and stronger due to rugby, I have also found a    fantastic group of friends I consider lifelong. I wasn’t so confident at the beginning of the year, but definitely    came out of my shell thanks to the Wolfpack!

  Best Rugby Moment: I’d have to say the best rugby moment I have had, was giving it my all in our first ever game of the year. We all absolutely smashed it and won! It was the first time I played Hooker and I am grateful for the opportunity given by our second team captain at the time. I live for being a Number 2!

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