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UEA Sub Aqua is UEA’s own scuba diving, free diving and snorkelling club. We accept everybody, whether you're terrified of swimming, or have been diving for years - we want to allow you to reach new depths. 

Members are offered the chance to take part in try-dives, regular pool sessions, or even complete a course with either PADI or BSAC. If you're looking to give Scuba diving a go, start with us!

Many are put off scuba diving by the costs. While we cannot deny it can be expensive, we can help you get a number of discounts and even ask your school to give you a grant. While it can still be expensive, its unlikely you'll find a cheaper option even after you graduate.

This year, we plan on having movie and pizza night, sports night socials, day trips to local dive sites and longer trips in the UK and abroad. We already have ideas for themes and locations. 

Sadly, the ongoing pandemic has constrained our activities. Nevertheless, until this pandemic has passed, there is much we can still do. Movie and pizza nights can still go ahead with social distancing. We are also looking into online activities such as game nights. Once the pandemic has passed, we'll do everything we can to make up for lost time.

So get involved... we can't wait to meet you!

Have any questions? Drop us an email at:, on our facebook page

 or on Instagram @ueasubaqua.

Committee 2020-2021

President- Laura Taylor

Vice President- Stephanie Weir 

Secretary - Al Jeffry Azrayl

Treasurer- Joshua Phillips

Heath and Safety Officer - Lucas Liorancas

Social Secretary- Kris Bisaga

Training Organiser- Katie Wilson

Publicity Officer- Alex Porter

Equality and Diversity Officer- Jonathan Derland

Union Council Representative- Katie Wilson

Equipment Officer-