Ghost Hunting


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Welcome all you ghouls and gremlins to UEA Ghost Hunting Society! The no1. place to be for all your spooky wants and needs! We’re a small but tight group of friends who aim to provide a fun and entertaining time to all who need a little bit more of the strange and bizarre in their life!

As the name suggests once a week we specialize in the hunting (finding that is not killing) of ghosts and all that is not of this mortal plane! However, due to the current circumstances, we won't be able to host any large scale hunts with more than 6 people. Instead, we’ll be streaming them all live straight to ya eyeballs! We hope you’ll join us each week for some abandoned building snooping and ancient forest delving!

Alongside this we’ll also provide social events every week with everything from movie screenings of ghostly/spoopy films to scary story competitions to lectures from real-life experts on all things otherworldly! So make sure to check in every week to our social medias to see what exciting new social event we have coming next!

But most of all we're here to make friends and have fun! We wish to form a community that’s open to everyone, no matter who you are or what course you’re on!

Membership is only £5 a year, so what are you waiting for! if you’re in any way inclined towards the darker, creepier modes of life we welcome you with open arms!

If you wish to contact us please email us at or message us on our social media (Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter under ghostuea)

President of the Ghouls/A Feral Union Rep - Oliver Hurley
Spooky Social Secretary/Equality and Diversity Officer - Deepti Chanda
The Ghost Pirate and His Treasure - Andrew Tan
Semi-transparent Health and Safety Officer - Léa Moreau

No elections are currently running

No elections are currently running