Business Information Systems


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Welcome to the Business Information Systems society. Whether you are a BIS student yourself, or at least have a passion for computers and how they connect with organisations worldwide, this society is for you. Indeed, we at BIS society understand that joining Computer Science society can be daunting for its programming-orientated approach, especially since many BIS students steer away from heavy programming. Meanwhile, Business society often deals little with computing itself. Henceforth, we believe this society can help bridge the gap between the CMP and NBS schools by uniting students with a passion for information systems, regardless of whether they are involved with programming or not. By becoming a member, you will join a community that holds a fine medium between the Computer Science and Business worlds.

What does the society have in mind?

We will run many events across the year, including:

  1. Social events, including coffee meetings and pub crawls
  2. BIS tours and events, including for academia, social and/or work opportunity purposes.
  3. Competitions, both alone and in collaboration with the Business and Computer Science societies.
  4. Networking, including peer CV reviews.
  5. Special events, including Dragons' Den and The Apprentice-themed BIS competitions.

All of this, and more, can be conducted by paying for membership. At only £3, that's quite the bargain!

What must I do to become a member?

Aside from paying for membership, all you need is a passion for information systems. You do not need to be a BIS student; you don't even need to be from the CMP or NBS schools at all. As long as you enjoy and want to know more about business information systems, you are perfectly free to join.

So, how do I join?

All you need to do is:

  • Pay for membership, at the top of this page.
  • Join our Facebook, Twitter and Discord groups.
  • Look out for events as they are advertised!

We hope you do join us! It will be a fun experience throughout, we guarantee it!

2020-21 Commitee Members:

President: Luke Brown

Vice President: Daniel Goodyear

Health and Safety Officer: Sophie Colley

Treasurer: Chloe Everett

Secretary: Kell Tisdall

Equality and Diversity Officer: Kyle Fear

Publicity Officer: Noor Jaafar

No elections are currently running