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From our two flagship events: Charity Week and Discover Islam Week, to the weekly Tajweed classes, Arabic classes and brothers/sisters circles, UEA ISoc offers something for everyone! We are a mini ummah on campus made of a fantastic mix of nationalities, backgrounds and beliefs. Sign up above for our monthly newsletter and please don't forget to like our facebook page where we will post constant updates on events, talks, news, and much more! 

Your committee for the year 2018/2019 will be:

  • President and Head Brother: Younis Abdulla 
  • Vice-president and Head Sister: Nidah Khan
  • Secretaries: Sara Lary, Abdulaziz Alomran
  • Treasurer: Hussam Beisa 
  • Health&Safety Officer: Khadija Sabir
  • Sports Representatives: Khadija Sabir, Harun Eray Oszoy
  • Union Council Rep: Hamza Farah 
  • Student Affairs Officer: Harun Eray Ozsoy, Haroon Razmandeh
  • SU Representative: Lipa Lucky
  • Publicity Officer: Saher Qarini, Sumaya Khatun
  • Charity and Fundraising Officers: Esther Amal, Khalida Jamal Omar
  • Organiser of Khateebs, Iftaar, Prayer Timetables, SaudiSoc Link: Jareh
  • General Committee: Thamanna Miah, Lipa Lucky, Tuhinul Haque, Samiullah Khokhar, Shoaib Jamshaidi, Suleman Hussain

No elections are currently running