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It’s time to put down your beakers, pipettes and notes to relax! 

The Biochemistry Society is here to provide a space for you to make friends, boost your career prospects and have fun while trying something new

We want you to leave UEA having gotten the best experiences and opportunities outside of your degree programme.

We’re building a community full of friendly faces providing support, resources, advice and events just for you~ so come join in!


our mission

Our mission

Our aim is to address and eliminate the lack of space and community for biochemistry students at UEA

We want new students to come to UEA and find an environment made especially for them to indulge in their interest in biochemistry.

Biochemistry at UEA is the key link between the schools of Biological Sciences and Chemistry. We want to take advantage of this relationship and provide Biochemists with equal opportunities in each department.

Student life can be full of hardships, and more than anything we want to provide you with whatever support we can offer to make your situations easier.


who can join?

Who can join?

Anyone with an interest in Biochemistry, from those studying it by course to those in different subjects partaking in biochemistry modules, to those in completely different courses who want to learn more!


when can i join?

When can I join?

We’re still undergoing the approval process but we are confident to bring you a brand new society and community before the end of this academic year!


how can i get involved?

How can I get involved?

 Involvement from students is the most important to us, any ideas, suggestions, problems you would want a society to support you with~ we want to hear it!

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