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Welcome to UEA's Finance & Investment Society!

UEA's Finance & Investment Society - The place to be for anyone interested in pursuing a career in finance, or for those interested in learning more about investments. We provide workshops & talks to develop your professional skills, networking events to expand your opportunities and social events to join an ever growing community of like-minded students. Regardless of your experience or degree, come join UEASIF and spring-step your way into a fantastic career, or join our real ESG Investment Fund to gain the practical experience you need to break into the finance industry.

By joining today, you will have access to our global network of professional finance expert speakers, mentors and alumni who will open doors for you in your career journey.

Oakwood Fund Management

Oakwood Fund Management is our new real money Student-Run ESG Investment Fund that gives students the practical experience of handling real capital in the live market using professional techniques. We are looking for anyone with a passion to learn and improve their financial acumen, regardless of previous experience and background, to join our team.

By joining our team you will have the opportunity to learn the practical skills that come with managing assets, while supporting outstanding companies that set an example through their sustainable practises. We will train you from any skill level to become market savy, and will set you up to becoming responsible and effective investors for the rest of your life!

Applications to join will re-open in semester 2! Please contact our committee or society email if you are interested in applying today.

Check out the Oakwood Fund page on our website (see the link above) for more information.

Our Committee:

  • President – Michael Prinz
  • Vice-President – Rowan Beswick
  • Board Secretary – George Abbott
  • Treasurer – Emma Marsden
  • Head of Corporate Relations – Emma Bullen
  • Head of Social Events - Adebisi Akintola
  • Managing Director for Investment Fund   Sebastian Brennan
  • Director for Investment Fund – Syed Bakht
  • Head of Marketing & Media  – Loving-Grace Mawire
  • Head of Technology – Charlie Rant
  • Union Council Rep/ SU Relations Officer – George Abbott
  • 1st Year Society Rep – Cailyn Bendall

Fee structure 

£4 Yearly Membership, 3 Years Membership for £10

The fee for joining our society will be used for different society expenses including social events, providing transport for speakers, office visits or trips to London.
We are also planning an end of year celebration and AGM, so the fee will contribute to that too!

No elections are currently running

No elections are currently running