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Jack Robinson

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Wed 18 Apr 2018

Lead change: stand in the next round of elections

Within uea(su) there are many elected positions in addition to the full-time and part...
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Tue 13 Mar 2018

The NUS national conference

This year, the NUS national conference is being held in Glasgow on the 29th of March and we...
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Wed 07 Mar 2018

Local elections: are you registered?

The 2018 local elections in England are due to be held on Thursday 3rd of May...
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Thu 01 Mar 2018

the post-18 education review

If you've been keeping up with the news in the past week, you will have probably heard...
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Tue 13 Feb 2018

Go Green Week

This week is Go Green Week at uea(su), a week where we focus on what we as a...
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Wed 07 Feb 2018

Accountability and democracy at uea(su)

Students' Unions are democratic organisations that are run by the students they represent. The officers who run the union...
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