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Elections 2021: 

Do you care about the student voice at UEA? Do you have a passion for representation and to create positive change? If so, then stand for election to be one of our Students' Union Officers, Convenors or Course Reps! Or engage and vote in our elections every Spring!

Every year we ask students to stand and vote for who you want to represent you as Full-Time Officers, Part-Time officers, Convenors, or Course Rep! These elected students will then work on issues that affect students, gather and respond to your feedback and overall try and bring about positive changes at UEA.

You can nominate yourself for election and we definitely recommend doing so if you are interested. Elections week is in Spring, with more specific dates given later. We will be hosting some drop in sessions shoud you need support or have any questions. It is always great fun and an amazing experience, and these roles are a great opportunity to develop your leadership and communication skills.

Elections will be fully online this year to comply with COVID-19. This means there will be no face-to-face campaigning however we are allowing the use of putting posters and banners up in allocated spaces. Candidates are encouraged to develop a strong online campaign utilising social media and the outlets we will provide.


Our full-time officer team, part-time officers and Convenors , represent you and your voice at UEA and in the wider community.  We have a few part-time officer positions, convenors and a the entire Course Rep cohort to elect. If you think you are a great candidate for these positions, nominate!


Nominations open:



Voting open:




Positions Available:


Full-Time Officers:

Campaigns and Democracy

Undergrad Education officer

Postgraduate Education Officer

Welfare Community and Diversity Officer

Activities and Opportunities Officer


Part-Time Officers:

Environment Officer

Ethical issues Officer

International EU Officer

International non-EU Officer

LGBT+ Open Place Officer

Mature Students OfficerOfficer

Women’s Officer Officer

People of Colour (Open Place) Officer

Students with Disabilities Officer (Invisible Disabilities Place) (PT) Officer

Students with Disabilities Officer (Physical Disabilities Place) (PT) Officer

LGBT+ Officer (Trans & Non Binary Place) (PT) Officer

Black Students’ Officer

Non Portfolio Officer x4




BIO School Convenor

CMP School Convenor

DEV School Convenor

Social Sciences UG Faculty Convenor

SWK School Convenor

To apply for these positions, click on the role and the election will be on its individual page. Nominations for these roles open: TBC


Course Reps:

AMA Course Rep Elections

BIO Course Rep Elections

CHE Course Rep Elections

CMP Course Rep Elections

DEV Course Rep Elections

ECO Course Rep Elections

EDU Course Rep Elections

ENG Course Rep Elections

ENV Course Rep Elections

HIS Course Rep Elections

HSC Course Rep Elections

IIH Course Rep Elections

LAW Course Rep Elections

LDC Course Rep Elections

MED Course Rep Elections

MTH Course Rep Elections

NAT Course Rep Elections

NBS Course Rep Elections

PHA Course Rep Elections

PPL Course Rep Elections

PSY Course Rep Elections

SWK Course Rep Elections

To apply for these positions, click on the role and the election will be on its individual page. Nominations for these roles open TBC

Key Dates:

  • Nominations open: TBC

  • Voting on: TBC

  • Results Announcement: TBC