outside events

Covid-19 update – Events and Activities - 1st September 2021

Outdoor Space events

Events and activities taking place outdoors, on campus are able to go ahead as normal. Please make sure, as before, you complete a risk assessment and open spaces permission form and send through to to approve. Once we have approved your application, we will send it onto UEA Open Spaces team to approve and liaise with you directly.



BBQ bookings are being taken, to book a BBQ, you will need to fill in a BBQ events permission form here and sign a pre written BBQ risk assessment which will act as confirmation that you have read through the risk assessment and that you agree to sticking by/implementing the safety measures. Once you’ve done that, send through to for us to approve and send onto UEA Open Spaces team to also approve and liaise with you directly.


Other external events/activities

If you are planning any other event or activity on campus, please make us aware of this and send us through all contracts before signing anything. If your event doesn't involve an external venue, such as playing rounders in a local park, you will just need to make sure you send a risk assessment through to us to sign off before your event takes place. You can send these through to