collecting money through the SU website

collecting money through the SU website

You should always collect money for your student group via the SU website using ticket sales, memberships sales and product sales. This page explains how the difference between memberships, tickets and products and how to set them up. 


Memberships are the fundamentals to your student group. Buying a membership to your student group means that someone is paying to be in your group and therefore become an official member. Being a member means you have access to all the events and activities the group puts on and it opens the door to making friends, meeting new people, gaining leadership skills and trying new things. It is also the main source of income for the majority of clubs and societies.

To set up memberships for your student group, you need to contact as a member of staff has to set this up for you. If you are a club, you should talk to your UEA Sport coordinator first.  


Standard Membership

Standard membership is the basic membership that the majority of student groups will sell. It is also is what we automatically set up new societies with.

The cost of standard membership should be decided as a committee and club committee members should consult their UEA coordinator. The price standard membership is set at varies as it depends on how expensive the activity your student groups focuses on is, but typically, societies standard membership ranges from £3 to £7 and clubs standard membership ranges from £25 - £60.


Half Year Membership

A half year membership is a membership that will only last for half a year. You could sell a half year membership in the second semester and make it slightly cheaper than your standard membership.

In reality, half year memberships are more applicable to clubs than societies as clubs are usually more expensive to join.


Associate Membership

An associate membership is a membership that non-UEA students can purchase. However, currently, due to Covid-19, we are only allowing clubs to have associate membership on sale if the club has a non-UEA student that needs to be part of the club for an essential reason, for example, they drive the club’s mini-bus driver.

You can choose whether you want to charge associates (non-UEA students) more, however we recommend that you sell associate membership at the same price as standard membership as associate members have to pay a £50 fee on top of their membership fee and potential SAM fee.  


Other memberships

We may be able to arrange other memberships for your student group to sell. 

Some societies like to sell memberships such as a three-year or five-year membership, which we can set up to prevent members repurchasing membership yearly. This is useful for political and academic societies. 

For clubs, we can also set up memberships to reflect the needs of your group. For example, sub-aqua sell a qualified diver’s membership and an unqualified divers’ membership. These sorts of memberships are rare and we expect most clubs to sell standard memberships. However, if you are a club committee member and you feel you a specific membership set up, please contact your UEA Sport Coordinator and



The product tool, which you can find in your student group's admin tools, can be used to sell physical products and is a great way of collecting money for non-physical items.

Some example things you can use the product tool to sell and collect money for are:

  • Hoodies and merchandise
  • Equipment, such as yoga matts
  • Deposit fees for trips
  • Donations (For example make a £5 donation button when running a fundraising campaign)
  • Club add-on’s, for example an extra fee for BUCs squad members to purchase

Watch this video to see how to make a product on the SU website, how to customise the product, and to monitor sales information.

If you have detailed requirements for your product sales, please contact for assistance. Examples of requirements for your product would include ensuring someone has bought SAM or your standard membership before purchasing a BUCs add on product, or only allowing members of your student group to purchase a hoodie product.


Events and Tickets

If you are running an event, you should be making an event on the SU website. You should also be selling tickets for your event through the SU website.

Watch this video to see how to make a ticket on the SU website and how to customise the ticket.