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Welcome to RespSoc, newly formed in 2020 we aim to bring you great revision sessions free for members so what are you waiting for, join today for only £3!

Resp Soc is perfect for anyone with an interest in respiratory medicine and particularly for those about to start their respiratory module or anyone wanting to get ahead with respiratory medicine.

We will be putting on lots of teaching and revision events and mock OSCEs to help with all of the different types of content and skills covered in the respiratory module to get you to ace your exams.

In addition to some core sessions, we are constantly implementing feedback we get and often introduce new types of sessions throughout the year. In the past this has included teaching sessions on chest x-rays, Q&A sessions or sessions targeting exam style questions. Every year we also aim to deliver career talks which delve further into the life of a respiratory physicians to help you decide if it’s an option for you!


2021/2022 Committee:
President: Adhishree Sunilkumar
Secretary: Adithya Britto
Treasurer: Olivia Walmsley
Equality and Diversity: Rishniya Fernando
Publicity officer: Georgia Thomason
Health and Safety Officer: Adam Mann


No elections are currently running

No elections are currently running