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Hallo you guys!

Over at Indo Soc you will be joining not a society but a family. 
We welcome people from all over the world, we hope to expand our family to everyone.
Where we will make countless memories together, have fun and learn what Indonesian Culture is all about.

Our committee will be hosting  a couple of events this year that we want you to be a part of!

1) Meet and Greet
2) Cooking & Dinner Sessions
3) Halloween collaboration with cultural societies 
3) Christmas Dinner
4) Chinese New Year Dinner
5) GoGlobal
6) Annual BBQ in Spring
7) Anual General Meeting

There will be lots of fun, food and party waiting for you and your friends! xx

President – Theodore Arsena
Vice President/Secretary – Maydeline Santoso
Union Council Rep – Erica Fransisca
Treasurer – Devi Agustin
Equality & Diversity Officer – Brooklyn Muliana



No elections are currently running

No elections are currently running