physical health

There is a range of services available to students at UEA for support with their physical health.

NHS 111

NHS 111 is an online and phones service you can use if you have health issues but are unsure where to get the right support. By following the online questionnaire you will be advised as to what you should o to treat your symptoms, whether you need to buy medication from a pharmacy, speak to a health practitioner, visit your GP or attend the Hospital. visit 

University Medical Service (UMS)

UMS provides GP services for UEA students. The surgery is located on the corner of Bluebell Road and University Drive (near INTO)

For appointments call 01603 251600

You may need to visit the UMS for:

  • Non-emergency medical treatment

  • To get a medical certificate to cover absence or if you are too ill to take an exam, or need a time extension for assessed work (see  “Exam Help  “ and “Extenuating Circumstances” on our Academic advice pages)

  • Travel vaccinations

You will need to register as a patient of the practice to get treatment or certificates. Check this page to see if you can register. (Non- UK students may have to pay for treatment if they are only in the UK for a short-term visit (3 or 6 months)

UMS also provides occupational health services for UEA students.

Too ill to attend a class?

If you are unwell and unable to attend lectures or seminars, you should use the UEA absence reporting page on e:Vision. All students should report absences, but it is especially important for international students and students on some professional courses to make sure they use this system.

You can see the full guidance, and an explanation of how to use the absence reporting system here:

Boots Pharmacy

The is a Boots Pharmacy next to UMS where you can: 

  • Get prescriptions filled

  • Get home remedies for minor ailments

  • Get advice on minor illnesses

Need a dentist?

There is also a dental practice in the same building as UMS – see for more details, or contact them on 01603 592173

Not sure where to go for medical help?

UMS have produced this table to help point you in the right direction:

Contraception and sexual health.

uea(su) has partnered with the Terrance Higgins Trust to promote safe sex. We are a designated centre to provide free condoms and c-cards provided by the Trust. We also hold a small number of chlamydia tests available.

Simply drop-in to advice(su) (opposite the grab&go), no awkward questions asked! To find out more about the work of the Terrance Higgins Trust and their work visit

Free condoms and pregnancy tests can also be obtained from the Nightline office during their operating hours. 

If you are looking for advice regarding sexual health you have a couple of options.

  • You can use the University Medical Centre, or  if you prefer,

  • iCash - Contraception and Sexual Health Service. iCash provides a complete range of service including all methods of contraception, pregnancy testing, STI testing and treatment, support for victims of sexual assault and counselling about sexual problems. Call 0300 300 30 30 for a clinic appointment or see for more info

Alcohol /drugs

The Matthew Project offers free confidential advice for drug and alcohol problems. Helpline for over 18s: 0300 7900 227.

Outside office hours, you can call Talk to Frank on 0300 123 6600 for provide 24/7 confidential advice and support.

For information and resources on alcohol and drinking, see