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You said, we did: stationary vending machine

We've all been there: you're in the library, in the middle of writing revision notes or that important essay and finally the writing is flowing. When suddenly - the study session is cut short by a lack of equipment. Your laptop runs out of charge, your pen breaks or you don't have space on your USB stick to store all your work. It's frustrating, but something that will hopefully no longer be a problem because of the new library vending machine.  

As the new semester starts and everyone gets back into the routine of study, you'll probably notice the new addition to the library. On floor 0 next to the vending machines selling snacks and the UNIO coffee machine, there's now a vending machine that sells stationary and other useful study items. You can get portable chargers, pens, sticky notes, USB sticks and more. 

uea(su) have worked with the library to install the new machine, so that any time of the day or night you can get what you need to study. However, it's only happened because students had emailed me specifically asking for it. We love hearing your ideas for making things better at UEA and this is a great example of one being put into practice.  

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