Finance Guides


club, society & psg finances

managing the accounts of your club, society or peer support group can be a daunting prospect. However, we have tried our best to ensure that you don’t face any issues by giving you some clear guidelines.

your treasurer is responsible for the transfer of money in and out of your accounts, being up to date with the current and past funds, reporting regularly to the committee on the state of the finances and presenting an annual report to the members. However, the whole committee should understand how finances work and what is required of them. your main point of contact for any queries regarding finance is If you are having problems with the app please email

every club, society and psg has their own sub accounts, a grant account and a sponsorship account.

all of the financial affairs of your club should be operated through the union's systems. You are not permitted as a club to enter into agreements with, or make bookings with external venues without going through the union's procedures. You should also avoid (as far as possible) handling cash on behalf of members.

Please familiarise yourself with our Student Group Financial Procedures and Regulations 

We also have a simple document here to explain what you can and cannot spend your subs money on: Committee - What can we spend our subs money on?

what is…?

the app?

a purchase order?

an invoice?

where can I find...?

treasurer training presentation

how do i…?

use the app?

understand my ledger on the app?

claim for fuel on the app?

claim back money for a Do Something Different session my club or soc has run?

pay in cash I have collected?

pay a coach/umpire/life model/anyone in cash?

pay in money to our subs account?

pay a non-UK company (international payments) 

pay members back (reimbursements)?

pay an external company or uea

get a purchase order?

apply for a society grant?

apply for a club grant?

get sponsorship?

recieve money from an external company?

contact someone about finances?


templates and forms to help keep track

want to keep track of your club or soc's finances? click here to download a template spreadsheet to help keep track

want to budget for a big event? go here to download a template budget

want to budget for a christmas party or ball? click here to download a template

pay a ref/umpire/life model/ in cash? go here to download a template receipt to claim the money back via the app




keeping track of your finances – template spreadsheet

You can download a template to help you keep track of the money in and out of your account here. It features one tab to record money coming into your account, and another tab for money you will be paying out of your account to companies etc. You can navigate between these using the 'money in' and 'money out' tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.



keeping track of your finances – the app

PLEASE NOTE: the app is not for paying companies, only for paying back members. To learn how to pay companies, click here.


if you are a committee member, you will need to download the expense365 (all one word) app. this will allow presidents, secretaries and treasurers to:

  • see your live balance
  • get a general ledger which shows all the money in and out of your accounts

To see a guide on how to understand your ledger, click here. 


If you are a general society member, you should download the app if you have spent money on behalf of a society (for pizza for a social or paying for taxis etc) and you want to claim the money back.

  • once you have submitted the claim, it will be approved or denied by the committee
  • If approved, the money will be paid into your bank account using the details you provide on the app

For a detailed explanation and step-by-step instructions on how to register and use the app, please see the following guide.




How to claim for fuel on the app

If you have driven somewhere for a society or club event, you claim UP TO A MAXIMUM of 45p per mile in fuel costs. You are allowed to claim less than this - feel free to agree an amount with your club or society. 

  • On the app as evidence, do not submit your petrol receipt 

  • Instead, we need a screenshot of the journey you are claiming for with the mileage visible (see below)

  • So for the example below: 5.6 miles x 0.45p a mile = £2.52

  • Alternatively, you can take two pictures of your milometer, one before and one after your journey and submit that as proof of miles travelled. Please put the mileage in the description lines of the app.



claiming back money for a Do Something Different Session

If you ran a DSD activity, you are entitled to a grant towards the costs of your activity. 

To do this, you will need to download the expense365 app. For full details on how to raise a claim and use the app, please click here.


  • First, you must submit your completed DSD attendance register and photos of your event to Dale Thomas ( This must be done within two weeks of the event taking place.  


  • Raise the claim on the expense365 app, making sure the claim amount matches the total cost on your receipts. Make sure the receipts are also uploaded to the claim. You will  need photos/screenshots of them to do this.
  •  Your treasurer, president and secretary will then all need to approve it just like any normal claim.


  • You will be paid the money from the societies account, and finance will put the Do Something Different funding back into your society account to cover this. 



paying money into your accounts (cash)

you will need to take a white deposit form to the bars with your money. you can get these from the uea(su) office, under the Opportunities banner in the pink trays

  • you must remember to count your money before you deposit it.
  • you must fill in all necessary information on the form.
  • once it has been counted by the bar staff, you must both sign the form to confirm the amount.
  • it will then be processed and appear in your account within the next 2 weeks.


paying someone in cash/getting a receipt

sometimes you will need to pay someone in cash for something they have done for your club or soc. This could be an umpire, a life model, a coach, an external speaker or anything else. to claim the money back via the app you will need a receipt. Whilst some freelance people have the capacity to give receipts, others do not. That is why we've created this receipt for you to bring yourself and get them to fill in when you hand over any cash. You can then upload a picture of this receipt to your app claim as proof you paid them. 

go here to download it!

paying money into your accounts (electronically)

  • if you wish to put money into your accounts, please do not collect money in personal bank accounts. Instead create a ticket or product on your society/club admin tools, for members to buy. This money will go straight into your subs account (within 2 weeks)
  • You can find guides on how to set up a ticket/product here

paying out money (reimbursing members)

please note: only receipts from the current academic year will be approved. please do not submit receipts from previous academic years as Finance cannot accept them. 

  • you will need to download the expense365 app for ios or android if you are a president, treasurer or secretary in order to approve payments to members.
  • you will also need to download the app if you want to claim money back from a club or society after you have bought things on their behalf.
  • for a full guide on how to claim/approve a reimbursement through the app, please see this powerpoint.

paying out money (external companies)


An invoice is a bill for what you have purchased. It will contain the products or services you are buying, the total cost of the order and the bank and contact details of the company you are buying from. 

If you are buying something from any company and will be paying directly from your subs account, you must get an invoice from the company.

  1. Contact the company you want to purchase from and get an invoice (a bill) for what you want to purchase
  2. Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers each need to send an email to with the invoice attached. The email needs to give authorisation to pay the invoice.
    1. EXAMPLE email subject line: Dance + £230 + Hoodies
    2. EXAMPLE email body: As [committee position] of [club or soc]I authorise payment of the attached invoice for £230 to Birds for our hoodies.
  3. Once has received all three committee authorisations, the invoice will be sent over to finance to be paid within 10 days.
  4. If this is not enough time, you can pay the invoice yourself and raise a claim on the app where you will need to attach proof of payment (e.g. a bank statement). Then you will be reimbursed into your bank account.


paying out money (international payments)

If you need to pay a non-british company, there's extra information the bank requires!

American Payments
You will need to contact the company you want to pay and ask them for the following information:  

  • Company Name
  • Company Address and Zip Code
  • Routing Number
  • Swift BIC
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Address and Zip Code


European & Rest of the World Payments
You will need to contact the company you want to pay and ask them for the following information: 

  • Company name
  • Address and Post/Zip Code
  • Swift BIC
  • IBAN
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Address and Post/Zip Code


paying out money (external companies)

purchase orders

Some companies and departments of the university (including print services), require a purchase order before they will send you an invoice. This acts as a promise of payment where we tell the company you have the money to pay before they send you the goods. It should contain the products you would like to purchase.

Purchase orders can only be sent to suppliers (a company for which we have the bank details and contact details) so if you don’t know, email to ask if the company you want to buy from is already a supplier.

if the company is not a supplier we will need:

  • their bank account number
  • their sort code
  • their bank name
  • a contact name and email address

to get a purchase order, you may need to contact the company or look on their website to get the price of the items you want to purchase. check if there is a penalty for cancelling the order or a cost for making returns if the items are incorrect, as this cost would come out of your subs. please allow 7 days, once all permissions and info has been received, for purchase orders to be raised.

you will then contact and tell us:

  • what you want to buy
  • which company/supplier you are buying from
  • how many
  • how much each item costs
  • any delivery costs
  • the total cost of the order

your president, secretary and treasurer will all need to send this email to give their authorisation to raise the purchase order. this acts as permission to make the payment when the time comes.

what happens next?

  • once we have this info and authorisations, we will make a purchase order and send it over to the supplier using the contact details we have on file. 
  • when they have received our purchase order, the supplier will provide you with the goods/services you have requested and the invoice. you have not paid any money yet. 
  • an invoice is a bill for what you have ordered – it should show the purchase order number on it, so we know that the transactions are connected. the union will pay this automatically if it has a corresponding purchase order number on it.


remember, we are here to help! please contact with any questions and we can discuss your issues and explain anything confusing.


societies' grants

As a uea(su) society, you can apply for grants from the pot of £8,000 ring-fenced for society activities. You can find all about how to apply for grants and how to write a good application on this page.


club grants

Every club is allocated a grouping. Each grouping has an elected representative to act on behalf of that grouping - these reps form the Sports Exec. Find out more about the Sports Exec here.


The groupings are as follows:

  • External (Clay Pigeon Shooting, Cycling, Fell, Golf, Ice Skating & Hockey, Pool & Snooker, Riding, Climbing, Snowsports, Waterpolo)
  • Outdoor Sportspark (Athletics, Hockey Men, Hockey Women, Lacrosse, Tennis, Triathlon, Netball)
  • Water Sports (Boat, Kayak, Kitesurfing, Sailing & Powerboat, Sub Aqua, Surf, Windsurfing & Paddleboard, Waterski & Wakeboard, Swimming)
  • Colney Lane (American Football, Baseball & Softball, Cricket, Football Men, Football Women, Rugby Men, Rugby Women, Rugby Touch, Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Martial Arts (Boxing, Capoeira, Mixed Martial Arts, Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo & BJJ, Fencing)
  • Indoor Sportspark (Archery, Badminton, Basketball Men, Basketball Women, Futsal, Dodgeball, Korfball, Squash, Table Tennis, Volleyball)
  • Dance & Gymnastics (Ballet, Cheerleading Dance, Cheerleading Stunt, Dancesport, Dancesquad, Gymnastics, Pole Fitness, Tap, Trampolining, Yoga)

UEA Sport holds a pot of £15,000 per academic year which is to be distributed amongst clubs and any club can apply for a grant.


The deadline for grant applications to be submitted is two weeks before the start of every month. The application must be submitted to your rep and the Activities & Opportunities Officer to ensure that the correct information is included; an updated budget and inventory form must also be sent. This will then be presented at the Sports Exec meeting, where they will 'recommend' the grant or 'recommend a rejection' to the club presidents.


Once a grant request has been passed, the club should contact James Raywood about using the funds. The money does not enter the club's account but is spent on their behalf.


Grants last for one year and the club must spend the money within this timeframe.


Please read the criteria for grant request approval before applying.


if you receive any sponsorship offers there are a few things you have to determine before sending it on to to process. each sponsor will then be sent an invoice by the finance office. When they pay this invoice the money will go into your account.

firstly, you have to determine who the invoice should be addressed to and what the person’s contact details are. Make sure it includes proof of their agreement to pay and what it is in exchange for) and an invoice can be sent straight to the sponsor.



receiving money from an external company

  • if an external company is paying you, you will need to get an invoice from the SU to send to the company.
  • When the company pays the invoice, the money will be deposited in your account for you to spend. 
  • firstly, you have to determine:
    • who the invoice should be addressed to 
    • and what the company's contact details including phone number and email address
    • the company's physical address
    • the amount they are paying you
    • what the invoice is for with a date if relevant (why are they paying you?)
  • We will send the invoice directly to the company at the email address you provide, so make sure this is correct. 

things to remember

  • we are here to help! if you need advice on placing large orders, finding out suppliers, sponsorship, grants, whatever, email
  • when placing large orders for members (e.g. hoodies), collect the money as people specify their order by creating an event for people to pay on the website – it means your subs account will have the funds readily available when it comes to placing the order.
  • no issue is insurmountable and often we’ve come across the same problems before, so it’s always worth popping in for a chat if you are worried about anything!
  • treasurers: keep a track of your balances using the app so that you will know what is in your account when getting quotes from companies or relaying information to your committee/your members.