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club, society & psg finances

Managing the accounts of your club, society or peer support group can be a daunting prospect. However, we have tried our best to ensure that you don’t face any issues by giving you some clear guidelines.

Your treasurer is responsible for the transfer of money in and out of your accounts, being up to date with the current and past funds, reporting regularly to the committee on the state of the finances and presenting an annual report to the members. However, the whole committee should understand how finances work and what is required of them. Your main point of contact for any queries regarding finance is If you are having problems with the app please email

A few key points to be aware:

  • Every club, society and psg has their own sub accounts, a grant account and a sponsorship account.
  • All of the financial affairs of your club should be operated through the union's systems. You are not permitted as a club to enter into agreements with, or make bookings with external venues without going through the union's procedure.
  • You should also avoid (as far as possible) handling cash on behalf of members.
  • We also have a simple document here to explain what you can and cannot spend your subs money on?
  • As well as this, you can access the Treasurer Training Presentation here, which has a simple breakdown of some of this information below.

Please familiarise yourself with our Student Group Financial Procedures and Regulations 

what is…?

the app? - The eXpense 365 app is the app used for students groups to claim back any money they spend on behalf of their group

a purchase order? - It is the step before an invoice and acts as a promise of payment where we tell the company you have the money to pay before they send you the goods. It should contain the products you would like to purchase

an invoice? - An invoice is a bill for what you have purchased. It will contain the products or services you are buying, the total cost of the order and the bank and contact details of the company you are buying from.

how do i…?

use the app?

understand my ledger on the app?

claim for fuel on the app?

claim back money for a Do Something Different session my club or soc has run?

pay in cash I have collected?

pay a coach/umpire/anyone in cash?

pay in money to our subs account?

pay a non-UK company (international payments) 

pay members back (reimbursements)?

pay an external company or uea

get a purchase order?

apply for a society or club grant?

get sponsorship?

recieve money from an external company?

contact someone about finances?

organise a float?

templates and forms to help keep track

Want to keep track of your club or soc's finances? click here to download a template spreadsheet to help keep track

Want to budget for a big event? go here to download a template budget

Want to budget for a christmas party or ball? click here to download a template

Pay a ref/umpire/life model/ in cash? go here to download a template receipt to claim the money back via the app

things to remember

  • We are here to help! if you need advice on placing large orders, finding out suppliers, sponsorship, grants, whatever, email
  • When placing large orders for members (e.g. hoodies), collect the money as people specify their order by creating an event for people to pay on the website – it means your subs account will have the funds readily available when it comes to placing the order.
  • No issue is insurmountable and often we’ve come across the same problems before, so it’s always worth popping in for a chat if you are worried about anything!
  • Treasurers: keep a track of your balances using the app so that you will know what is in your account when getting quotes from companies or relaying information to your committee/your members.