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Want to run for election in 2021?

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably interested in becoming a Student Officer, Convenor or Course Rep. Deciding that you’d like to participate in the 2021 Elections is the first step, and we’ve created this guide to help you through the process.

If you’re still unsure, this guide has lots of information that’ll help you make the best decision for you. There are Full-Time and Part-Time Officer roles, alongside Convener and Course Rep positions you can nominate yourself for. All Officers have access to support such as time, funding, training, development, and more to help lead uea(su) and make a real impact for all UEA students. As well as representing fellow students, it’s a terrific opportunity to make valuable connections at UEA and sit on the Trustee Board of a charity. Check out the various role profiles below to find more information about all the individual positions available.

Key things to remember are:

Full-Time Officer Election: Current UEA students are able to nominate themselves for a Full-Time Officer position. As these are full-time paid positions, students who are not due to finish their degree in June 2021 will have to take a year out of the study to complete the role. If you are due to graduate in June 2021, you are still able to nominate yourself to be a Full-Time Officer.

Part-Time Officer Election: Current UEA students who are continuing their studies during the next academic year (2021/22) can nominate themselves for a Part-Time Officer role. For some Part-Time Officer roles, you must identify as a member of a group to represent them, e.g. only students who self-define as women can nominate themselves for the Women's Officer role. As these positions are part-time and voluntary, you are able to complete these alongside your normal degree timeline.

Convenor Election: Current UEA students who are continuing their studies during the next academic year (2021/22) can nominate themselves for a School or Faculty Convenor role. You are only eligible to stand as a Convenor for the school in which you are registered to study (e.g. only LDC students can nominate themselves to be LDC Convenor). For Faculty Convenor positions, you must be a student studying in a school within that Faculty. 

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