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101 things to do at home: covid-19 edition

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing great, avoiding contact and washing your hands regularly. The past few weeks have been extremely new for all of us and we are trying to provide students with the support and the information we have to make this difficult time slightly easier.

We are now officially in lockdown and leaving the house should be a rarity. I thought it might be a good idea to compile a list of 101 things to do at home while isolated, some of them might be things you can do on your own, some of them might be things you can do if you are isolated with other people in the house.

What to do at home

  1. Watch your favourite TV show from start to finish
  2. Pick a random Netflix show that you’ve never heard of and binge it
  3. Start to read that book that you’ve had for ages and never read
  4. Practise your handwriting/Learn how to write with your other hand
  5. Clean your kitchen
  6. Play Monopoly
  7. Sync all your electronic devices
  8. Sweep behind bed/sofa (it’s about time!)
  9. Clear out your phone gallery (long time lol)
  10. Learn how to do origami (maybe with all the loo roll you’ve bought)
  11. Untag yourself from all the pictures on your Facebook you don’t like
  12. Call your grandparents, you’re no longer busy so no excuses
  13. Talk to your crush without being afraid of bumping into them the next day
  14. Listen to your fave album on repeat
  15. Move around your room’s furniture
  16. Water your plants, poor things they look a bit sad
  17. Think of ways to become a millionaire
  18. Bring back Nintendogs in your DS
  19. Get rid of all those cream and make up testers
  20. Do home exercise and get fit
  21. Update your Linkedin
  22. Sort out your clothes/Organise your wardrobe
  23. Reread your fave book saga
  24. Watch your childhood show
  25. Open that special occasion bottle
  26. Change your look – no one will see it if it looks horrible lol
  27. Watch all Xfactor editions
  28. Try on some makeup tutorials
  29. Do some arts and crafts with home materials
  30. Learn how to cook your favourite meal (or any meals)
  31. Do some yoga
  32. Wash your hands, again
  33. Learn the tiktok dances
  34. Disney classics marathon
  35. Pair up all the loose socks
  36. Play Cluedo
  37. Learn all the rules to a sport you’ve always wanted to play
  38. Have a Skype-drink with your friends
  39. Make a natural face cream with your ingredients
  40. Learn how to paint (or just paint anything)
  41. Actually start your dissertation (like seriously)
  42. Play Sims
  43. Bake a good homemade cake
  44. Stop smoking – you can’t go buy more
  45. Update your CV
  46. Go through all your pockets and see what you find
  47. Nap – a personal favourite
  48. Customise your clothes
  49. Learn a new language
  50. Actually catch up with long-distance friends
  51. Create a new Spotify playlist
  52. Do a free online course
  53. Try on all your clothes and determine whether they “spark joy” á la Marie Kondo.
  54. Do the same with your junk drawer and supply shelves.
  55. Have a roommate meeting about how to be more considerate of one other. Bring baked goods.
  56. Text all your exes just in case you have one more thing you wanted to get off your chest.
  57. Will Tom Hanks into recovery from coronavirus by watching every Tom Hanks movie chronologically.
  58. Knit or crochet.
  59. Consider donating money to food banks to help families struggling to get meals.
  60. Look at yourself in the mirror. Attempt a self-portrait with pencil and paper.
  61. Coloring books: They’re not just for kids.
  62. Study the art of beatboxing.
  63. Actually try to reproduce something you see on Pinterest. Probably fail. Try again.
  64. Make a list of things for which you are grateful for.
  65. Work on your financial planning, where can you save?
  66. Indoor scavenger hunt
  67. Video Game Marathon
  68. How many keepy uppies can do with a racket and ball
  69. Indoor Obstacle Course
  70. Brain teasers – games like Sudoku, crosswords
  71. Mini spa day at home
  72. Clean the house
  73. Card games
  74. Dust off that old instrument and practice.
  75. Meditate
  76. Look at pictures of puppies and cute cat videos
  77. Write actual letters to family and friends. After that? Write thank-you notes to service people who you remember went out of their way for you
  78. Learn calligraphy. YouTube can help.
  79. Put on a soap opera. Mute the sound. Create your own dialogue.
  80. Learn about other things going on in the world.
  81. Psych! – app store game
  82. Journaling
  83. Learn origami (so good we've mentioned it twice)
  84. Clear a backlog of emails
  85. Unsubscribe to chain emails you never actually read or want to read
  86. Make slime
  87. Wax / clean any shoes
  88. Upcycle a piece of clothing or furniture
  89. Make handmade birthday cards 
  90. Make a picky tea
  91. Learn to code
  92. Make a scrapbook
  93. Make your one flat party game rules
  94. Make your own face masks 
  95. Clean your make up brushes because they nasty 
  96. Put together care packages for others 
  97. Check out volunteering opportunities and how you help local community
  98. Make a terrarium
  99. Sort out your Tupperware drawer
  100. Create your bucket list – what are your hopes and dreams
  101. Come up with your own ideas!

These are just some ideas, some more serious than others, to keep you entertained while trying to avoid contact with lots of people. This doesn’t mean all of them will apply to all of you, but hopefully everyone can find a few things that they would enjoy doing! I would love to see if anyone actually does/completes the list so please let me know if you do. Send us your pics!

Just a reminder that coronavirus affects the elderly and vulnerable people the most and that everyone should be looking out for others – it’s not about you caring whether you get it or not, it’s about social responsibility not to spread it!

If you are struggling with isolation, loneliness or anxiety please do not hesitate to contact me (, Student Services, and the Student’s Union and we will try to help the best we can.

For more information on the University and SU guidance, please look at the FAQs on both websites.

Much love,

Ali xx


Tyler Bell
2:37pm on 25 Mar 20 Learn origami twice? Have I forgotten between 10 and 83
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