Here at uea|su we are dedicated to increasing our sustainability initiatives. As the Campaigns and Democracy Officer and Environmental Officer, we believe that improving our action on sustainability should be a priority. This year we have developed a sustainability collective, which brings toegther all societies that have environmental activism at their core. We plan to collaborate their ideas to influence any future campaigns we run. 

This year we are applying for the NUS green impact award, not only will this show how much we dedicate towards sustainability, but it will allow us to see where we can improve, and become accountable in those areas. 

For information on the University's commitments to Sustainability Click Here.

Future and Involvement

At uea|su we are committed to providing students a sustainable environment to live and work. We aim to be as environmentally conscious in all of our activities, when developing new strategies this is always taken into consideration before anything is implemented.

This at uea|su we are putting our name into consideration for the NUS Green Impact awards. We hope that this process not only makes us a greener su in the short term, but starts long-term transformations in the way we operate in order to be as sustainable as possible for the future.