UK Disability History Month (UKDHM) is an annual event creating a platform to focus on the history of our struggle for equality and human rights. UEA's events for the month are shown in the calendar below.

The theme for this year, 2016, will be Language and Disability. We will examine the language used where it comes from a disability rights perspective. We will examine the writing that disabled people throughout history have used to describe their position and their impairments and examine the largely mistaken way the news media talks and writes about us.

Throughout all we will interrogate the past to learn how we can use this experience to achieve full and equal rights in society as disabled people. We will also be using this as an opportunity to celebrate our identities as disabled people, our history and our diversity.

These events are hosted by the Students with Disabilities Officer, Kate Snape, with the support of uea|su volunteers and societies including: UEA Pride, Chronic and Sexpression.