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Hive Stall Booking Form

Students will not be able to book out stalls in the Hive throughout September, October, November and December 2020. Tables will be removed in order to provide more space to ensure we comply with covid safe healthly and safey measures.

This page will be kept up to date with the latest information regarding what opportunites are available to individual students and student groups around bookable space within the Hive.

Room capacity

Within Union House, the following meeting rooms are available to book in Union House between 7th September - 18th December:

  • Bookable room 1 - capacity 6 people seated and 1 person standing at the front presenting
  • Bookable room 2 - capactiy 4 people seated and 1 person standing at the front presenting
  • Bookable room 3 - capacity 2 (not avaiable to book by students (career staff only)
  • Bookable room 4 - capacity 3 people seated and 1 person standing at the front presenting
  • Bookable room 5 - capacity 3 people seated and 1 person standing at the front presenting
  • Bookable room 6 - capacity 8 (not available to book by students, UEA teaching space only)
  • Bookable room 7 - capacity 2

Capacity within the above rooms has been greatly reduced this term in order to comply with safe social distancing. If you require a room with a larger capacity, these may be available elsewhere on campus. Upon completion of a risk assessment and room booking form, a member of the welcome desk team can explore your room options for you.

Room bookings

Student societies and individual students are able to book some rooms around campus. There are important rules and regulations regarding student use of these rooms, including alcohol and health and safety regulations.

Track and Trace

It is mandatory and essential, that all event leads/ the person booking the room for your event, ensures that an attendance register is taken for track and trace purposes. We have created a downloadable form for you to use called 'COVID-19 Privacy Notice to support NHS Test and Trace & event attendance register' (link to form below) so that you can capture your attendance information. on the form, you'll find a detailed description as to why track and trace is necessary, what to do with the collected data, how to store it and more.

To book a room, please read the information below and all of the important documents. Then submit the online room bookings form, alongsside a risk assessment form which will need to be emailed to

Please ensure Room Booking Regulations have been read and understood at time of booking:

Room Bookings Regulations - Basic

UEA|SU standard conditions for room booking

UEA standard Conditions for room booking

COVID-19 Privacy Notice to support NHS Test and Trace & event attendance register

Duty of Care - why is it important?

Risk Assessment form and Hazard mitigation cheat sheet to help you

External Speaker Process

For simple events such as meetings we require 72hrs notice (excluding weekends). For events with external speakers or larger events we require a minimum of 4 weeks notice.

Other spaces

The blue bar and LCR will not be available for hire until at least January 2021.

Please send your risk assessment to as soon as you have submitted the room booking form.


Room Booking Form


Student username* : 

UEA Email* : 

Telephone Number: 

Club/Society Name*: 

Committee Position*: 

Club/Society Email Address: 

Please provide as much information as possible for us to request appropriate rooms for your activity.

Please be aware that all rooms requested should reflect the activity and capacity of the room.

Proposed Activity/Description of event: 

Please be accurate with this as it will allow room bookings to allocate an appropriate room.

Are you aware of any controversy your topic may attract (this could come from any person(s) internal or external to your club/soc including other club/society, group of students, organisations or members of the public)? *

Yes No

If yes please give details below and ensure your risk assessment details how this controversy and event will be managed. This risk assessment should ensure any threat of disorder, safety of persons or property or disruption to the normal operation of business is addressed.

Events with members of the public may require University authorisation. You should give as much time and detail as possible to ensure this does not jeopardise your event taking place. Is the event open to members of the public or is it an event for club/society members only?

Will your event have an external speaker? 

Yes No

If answered yes, please supply Name of External Speaker, Topic of Speech and Speakers Organisation & Telephone No.


(Please provide it as DD/MM/YYYY)

Start Time:

Finish Time:

Group Size:

Please state your preferred room and building: 

Do you plan on holding this booking for a number of weeks and if so how many?: 

Do you plan on bringing home cooked food to this event?

Yes No

Do you plan on screening movies at this event? 

Yes No

Do you plan on selling tickets or setting an admission fee for this event? 

Yes No

Do you plan on consuming alcohol at this event? Please note that consuming pre-bought alcohol is not permitted in Union House.

Yes No

Is this event of a religious nature - will there be prayers?

Yes No

By agreeing to this booking form, you are agreeing to read the Room Bookings Regulations - BasicUEA|SU standard conditions for room booking, UEA standard Conditions for room booking, COVID-19 Privacy Notice to support NHS Test and Trace & event attendance registerDuty of Care - why is it important? and agree to abide by them in connection with this society/individual booking, and also to the sharing of your booking details with third parties where necessary - this may include the Student Union, the Multifaith Centre, Cleaning Services, Dean of Students, Estates, UEA Risk Management and Security. 

You also agree that all information provided in this form is an accurrate reflection of the activity being undertaken - if acting as part of a student group you must be a committee member.