Club and Society Room Booking Requests


Student societies and individual students are able to book rooms some rooms around campus.  There are important rules and regulations regarding student use of these rooms, including alcohol and health and safety regulations.

To book a room, please read the information below, and submit the online room bookings form. You will also need to submit a risk assessment form. Only when both of these have been submitted can we go ahead with booking you a room.


Rules and Regulation and important information regarding room bookings:



All room booking request forms must be covered by a risk assessment. Please find below the risk assessment guide and form. Read through the guide thoroughly, fill out the form and email it to Union House Reception at



Please note should there be a guest speaker as part of the event 4 weeks notice must be given to the event!

You must state the speakers name and organisation on your booking form!

Once you have read through all necessary documents use the online booking form below,