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Event Resources and Guidance:

Steps to running an event

Five steps to run an event at UEA - budget, location, time & date, publicity plan, risk management.

Christmas/Summer ball checklist and guide

COMPLETE YOUR Event management plan and send it back to

Make sure your event is INCLUSIVE by completing an Equality impact assessment

ALWAYS risk assess every Society/Club activity you hold. You must return this to the Students' Union.

Need help uploading your event to the website and adding tickets to your event? Click here to read our step by step guide. 

Annual Events at UEA's Student Union...

  • Student Transformation Weekend - Our hugely popular residential trip for all of our student leaders (Course reps, committee members, staff). The residential is full of hands-on skill workshops and fun team building and networking exercises.
  • Freshers - The biggest and best line up in the UK - Experience the amazing nightlife that Norwich has to offer, whilst getting to know more about the opportunities available to you through Societies, Clubs and campaigns.
  • Pimp my Barrow - The most anticipated event of the year. The whole student community come together in an amazing fancy dress celebration in aid of charity.
  • Go Global - The biggest international event of the year. Travel the world in Union House and immerse yourself in the fantastic food, performances and displays from our Cultural Societies.
  • STAR's - The end of year award and recognition event. This is where we recognise the hard work that our Societies, campaigners and student staff have accomplished that year.


All the resources you need to run a successful event can be found on the pages below.