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Want to run an event? Here are your first steps...

I want to run an event on campus - what should I do?

Look at our five steps to run an event at UEA - budget, location, time & date, publicity plan, risk management.

Want to know how to plan a spring ball or christmas party? You find a checklist and guide here! 

Please complete your event management plan and send it back to Aden

How inclusive is your event? Try our Equality impact assessment to find out!

Always risk assess every Society/Club activity you hold. You must return this to the Students' Union.


Why should you run an event whilst you're a student at UEA?

"UEA Pakistan Society held various cultural events this year, we are proud to share our culture in different ways our University allows us, organising events is such a fun way to get all your creative ideas across, it made me feel proud that I could represent my culture in all these events like Eid Ball, Go Global, Kaos fashion show and many more. University is such a great platform for cultural awareness as it gives you many opportunities to share your culture and organise entertaining events for everyone!"

- Mehek Fatema President Pakistani Society 2017/18


"Our 24 hr Poleathon event held in the Hive gave us a great opportunity to show case our skills and raise awareness not just about our club, but also the charity we were raising money for. Organising Pole Fitness' Showcase event in the LCR has taught me a lot about leadership and given me a host of other transferable skills. It was rewarding to see the performers' hard work pay off by the large audience we received."

Ellie Bradshaw First Year Rep 2017/2018


"Organising Jailbreak was an incredible expirence, from organising teams to staying up for nearly 42 hours broadcasting! Tracking all the teams on their amazing journeys and seeing the amount that we raised for Papyrus this year (just under £13,000) has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done! The SU have being amazingly supportive and have encouraged this event to go succeed; no matter how wild the idea!"

"I’ve been really lucky to be part of the main organising team for ZigZag ~ UEA’s first student led creative festival. Despite none of us ever having run a festival before the SU were so helpful as guiding us, giving us ideas but also letting us, as students, take the wheel. Seeing people attend the festival, get involved, and hearing all the positive feedback made the years worth of organising worth it! Not many students can say they have organised a festival but thanks to the rest of the student team and the SU, I can"

Eleanor Martin Head of Livewire Events 2017/2018


"We ran a national hockey event at UEA (the LCR) and it was great fun. The SU team were very helpful and at a very reasonable price and were very accommodating and let us tailor the event provision exactly to our needs. They also helped take us through more complex parts as we had never done anything like this before"

Chris Hardy Head of Hockey Medics 2017/2018


“Arranging a song, standing onstage with the choir as you all sing with gusto, and hearing the audience applaud your performance, is honestly one of the best feelings in the world! You feel so proud of the effort put in by every member, and feel such joy and community, singing as part of a collective voice. (Showchoir March Showcase — ‘You Really Got Me Singing’)”

Tom Cascarini President Showchoir 2017/2018

What kind of Student Led events happen at UEA?

  • UEA Strictly - DanceSport
  • Fashion Show - KAOS
  • Take Me Out - KAOS
  • UEA's Got Talent - RAG
  • LOST - RAG
  • Jailbreak - Livewire
  • Pole Showcase - Pole Fitness
  • World Book Fair - LitSoc
  • The Dance Show - Tap, Ballet, DanceSquad, DanceSport                                                                                                                  
  • ?The Great UEA Bake Off - Baking
  • Zig Zag - Livewire and Live Music 
  • Comedy Showcase - Headlights
  • Pony in the Square - Equestrian
  • Blind Date - Cheerstunt
  • Eid Ball - Pakistani Society
  • Spotlight - Drama
  • Story Week - Christian Union
  • Swap Shop - RAG
  • MedMart - MedSoc
  • Med's Got Talent - MedSoc
  • Chinese New Year - CSSA
  • Spring Showcase - Showchoir

What kind of Students' Union event happen at UEA?

Student Transformation Weekend - Our hugely popular residential trip for all of our student leaders (Course reps, committee members, staff). The residential is full of hands on skill workshops and fun team buidling and networking exercises.

Freshers - The biggest and best line up in the UK - Experience the amazing nightlife that Norwich has to offer, whilst getting to know more about the opportunities available to you through Societies, Clubs and campaigns.

Pimp my Barrow - The most anticipated event of the year. The whole student community come together in an amazing fancy dress celebration in aid of charity.

Go Global - The biggest international event of the year. Travel the world in Union House and immerse yourself in the fantastic food, performances and displays from our Cultural Societies.

STAR's - The end of year award and recognition event. This is where we recognise our for the hard work that our Societies, campaigners and student staff have accomplished that year.


Why should I be an Event Volunteer?

"I'll be going into an events career when I graduate and this scheme really helped me to better understand the planning process of events. Having Aden as a contact was also a great help when I was putting on my own event in the LCR because he was very supportive throughout."

Anni Valentine - Event Volunteer 2017/2018


“This project/scheme is a great opportunity to get involved in organising various university event and meet people who are interested in volunteering and look for an amazing way to improve their organisational skills.”. 

Janis Romanopulos - Event Volunteer 2017/2018


"It is has been a valuable insight into running an event, including all the planning that needs to be done and all the things you need to consider"

Jessica Satori - Event volunteer 2017/2018


"My time with the eventSU has been extremely rewarding. I have learned so many new skills which are applicable for my future career."

Mitchel Chan - Event volunteer 2017/2018


All the resources you need to run a successful event can be found on the pages below.