your one stop shop to putting on events as a student group


your one stop shop to putting on events as a student group

COVID-19 - updated guidance 18/05/2021

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Please note we are currently at step 3:

  • Return of COVID Secure core activity for student groups where guidance allows in a COVID secure way as defined by government or SU guidance.
  • Student groups however are not authorised to organise purely social gaterings for their club or society. 
  • Application of the rule of 6 at any indoor activities and capacity restrictions
  • Max capacity of 30 for any COVID secure outdoor events organised by student groups if attendance numbers can be effecitvely managed
  • Society/club members can meet socially with friends that is not an organised club or society activity in groups of 6 inside or 30 outside in line with and in spirit of government guidelines.
  • Organised indoor sports club activity to return in line with NGB guidance.
  • Organised outdoor sports club activity to continue in line with NGB guidance.
  • All other activities with approved NGB guidance from government can return.
  • Some opportunity for outdoor perfromances
  • Return of in person SU events, training sessions etc. where appropriate.
  • Further easing of capacity restriction on Media centre.