Research and Insight

Improving student experiences through research 

Here you'll find all the research work the SU has done in collaboration with students, with the aims of raising student voices and improving student experience.

By conducting research we strive to develop our understanding of student experiences and concerns whilst at university. We then use this insight to work with UEA to make positive changes that will impact students, whilst also improving our own services so that students get the best from them.


In this section we have:

Every year, the SU runs a survey of all its members covering all aspects of uea(su) activity.

This is an opportunity for students to get involved, voice their opinions and shape change at uea(su).

The next annual student survey is open now! Take part here


A comprehensive list of some of the key research projects the SU has run and collaborated with students on.

Trying to find something related to student feedback or input? This is the best place to start. 


Every couple of weeks throughout the academic year, SU staff go out onto campus to talk to all students about key issues.

The aim is to ensure that all students are represented at the SU and that students directly impact changes that are made across campus.

The latest topic we've been talking to students about is costs on campus.

To see the results & changes following this and other conversations with students, click here