PsychSoc Go Back To School Social

Thursday 12 December 2019, 7pm - 11:59pm

Meet At The Square

Come join us for our final social of 2019!

Uni getting a tad stressful? Why don’t we all head back to school for the night...

Come in your finest school uniforms and bring your 2012 hairstyles ready for a bar crawl and night on the town!

Route will be announced soon, but all you need to know so far is meeting in the square under the multifaith centre (bring a coat and change for the cloakroom in town) at 7pm...

Tickets £3 members £5 non members (you can buy a £4 membership lasting the entire year on the SU website)

Get your flatmates, friends, ANYONE involved as we end the term on a night to remember ??


Our last social sold out within a day so make sure to grab you and your friends tickets FAST ??



UEA SAFE TAXI SCHEME - If you need to leave urgently please ring one of the following taxis and give your student number

Courtesy Taxi: 01603 446644

ABC Taxis:  01603 666333


We support UEA SU Never Ok campaign, and all SU venues are part of the nationwide “Good Night Out” initiative. If you experience any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable then please tell us- we have a zero tolerance policy on harassment and staff are briefed to help you in these situations.