Never OK

At uea(su), we believe that sexual harassment is NEVER OK


Sexual harassment can include:

  • Unwanted groping / touching
  • Pinching or smacking of your body
  • Uninvited kisses or bodily contact
  • Sexting / use of private images

However, sexual harassment isn’t just physical. Other examples of sexual harassment include:

  • Wolf whistling
  • Catcalling
  • Inappropriate sexual comments
  • Sexually based insults, jokes, songs or taunts
  • filming or taking photos without permission

Harassment can happen on campus, in bars, on public transport or online. Sexual harassment can come from a complete stranger or from someone you know well.

Most people don’t report sexual harassment. Some people feel embarrassed, or think that they won’t be taken seriously. Here at the Union, we believe that you should never have to put up with sexual harassment, and we take all reports very seriously.

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