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Chair:   To be elected

The Education Committee represents both undergraduate and postgraduate students in all academic matters. Committee meetings are attended by both the Postgraduate Education and Undergraduate Education officers, in order to engage in decision-making and propositions on how to enhance the academic experience of every student at UEA.

The members are

HUM UG Faculty Convenor: Roo Pitt
HUM PG Faculty Convenor: Vacant

FMH UG Faculty Convenor: Roberto Bogyere
FMH PG Faculty Convenor: Vacant

SCI UG Faculty Convenor: Toby Maskell
SCI PG Faculty Convenor: Vacant

SSF Faculty Convenor UG: Alyaa Hassan
SSF Faculty Convenor PG: Vacant

AMA School Convenor: Kristy Laverick
HIS School Convenor: Vacant
IIH School Convenor: Vacant
LDC School Convenor: Jessica Barrett
PPL School Convenor: Joseph Eastoe

HSC School Convenor: Andriena Richards and Emily Dye
MED School Convenor: Tanya Ta

BIO School Convenor: Jack Jones
CHE School Convenor: Zinnia Bugg
CMP School Convenor: Purvesh Patel
ENG School Convenor: Vacant
ENV School Convenor: Mathilde Tranter
MTH School Convenor: Ed Betteridge
NAT School Convenor: Silvana Matei
PHA School Convenor: Ufuoma Offeh

DEV School Convenor: Vacant
ECO School Convenor: Lea Sixtl
EDU School Convenor: Vacant
LAW School Convenor: Lovelyn Ndegwa
NBS School Convenor: Vacant
PSY School Convenor: Meg Farrow
SWK School Convenor: Vacant


Below are the agendas and minutes for the Education Committee meetings.


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21st November 2017 Agenda | Minutes

30th January 2018 Agenda | Minutes