liberation, equality, and diversity

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The Liberation, Equality and Diversity Committee's purpose is to make UEA as open and inclusive as possible. The committee represents targetted groups such as LGBT+ students, students with disabilities, BME students and more. Discussions in committee meetings revolve around making the campus as accessible as possible, running awareness campaigns and ensuring that every student here at UEA has equal opportunities to make the most out of their time at university.

You can find out more about specific liberation societies and assemblies, including previous minutes for their meetings, at their relevant pages:

BAME Liberation Society

Graduate Assembly

International Assembly

LGBT Plus Association

Mature Students' Assembly

Disabled Students' Liberation Society

Women's Plus Association


Results of the most recent election to the Liberation, Equality and Diversity subcommittee

As 're-open nominations' won a place on the committee, that position will be re-opened and a by-election will be run to fill it.