Dr Glenn Wilson Presents... How to be Happy

Wednesday 03 March 2021, 7pm - 9pm

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Join British Psychology Dr Glenn Wilson in an exploration into human happiness!

The pursuit of happiness is a legitimate goal, even enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. But what makes us happy? Psychology has devoted much of its history to working out what makes us mentally ill but it now has some pretty good answers.

We should not assume that other people are responsible for our unhappiness because of the way they treat us. That is usually not true – the matter is largely in our own hands (and genes). 

Money does not make us happy, though spending it on others might. Nor does happiness come in bottles or pills. Genuine routes to well-being include positive thinking, a sense of proportion, humour, meaning and self-worth, outdoor activity (“green exercise”), community and intimate relationships. Most importantly, love has to be earned – not demanded as a right. Those who focus on making others happy enjoy happiness themselves as a by-product.