Dance Squad DSD taster sessions

Saturday 26 September 2020, midnight - midnight

Blackdale OR Dance Studio

Dance Squad Taster For all students, freshers and returners to try our sessions before the start of the year There is a taster for all the styles we offer

Taster sessions for each style are running twice a week, both classes are the same and the same dance will be taught. 

Please only book onto one of each of the styles in the week 

We are limited by capacity so please make sure if you book a ticket that you attend that session

Our sessions are as follows and will run for three weeks:

Saturdays - 26/09  /   03/10  /  10/10  (in the Sportspark Dance studio)

13:00-13:45- Hip Hop

14:00- 14:45- Commercial 

15:00-15:45- Jazz

Sundays - 27/09  /  04/10  /  10/10  /  17/10 (in the Sportspark Dance studio)

15:15-16:00- Contemporary

16:15- 17:00- Lyrical 

Wednesdays- 30/09  /  07/10  /  14/10

19:00-19:45- Contemporary 

19:45- 20:30- Hip Hop

20:30-21:15- Commercial 

21:15-22:00- Jazz

22:00-22:45- Lyrical 


please note: all dances taught in these sessions will be used for auditions for competition teams, if you wish to audition please try and attend the style you wish to audition in each week 


ALL Dances will also be posted on our UEA Dance Squad facebook page- like us to keep more regularly updated