Welsh Soc Homecoming - CARDIFF

Friday 24 January 2020, 6am - 10pm


This is it. This is the event you've all been waiting for. This is the biggest thing since Prince Charles. We are going to Cardiff! The plan? Bus at 6am, arrive at 3pm, down a Spoons and our adventure begins. Castle, Live Lounge, Queens Vaults Lit


Don't let the 6am start put you off, it is very much worth it as Cai can tell you. We'll have plenty of time when we get there to chill out in our hostel rooms and re-energise, to begin our unforgettable weekend out in Cardiff. Our ideas: show you around Cardiff, take you to the best pubs in town, visit the famous Cardiff castle, go to one of the most luxurious Wetherspoons (in Wales), have some delicious brains, visit Cardiff Bay, Millenium Centre, Pettigrew tea rooms, visit my lil bro in his first year, and many more ideas yet to come, not to mention the party bus on the way there!

This will be an unforgettable experience and you will have the best time in Cardiff, I will make sure of it.

Our accommodation is a short walk to the main centre (10 minutes) and easy access to everywhere else including the bus stop. This means less time walking, and more time exploring. This is probably the most value for exploring you will ever have.