using your admin tools


using your admin tools


what are they and how to I get to them?

As a commitee member, you have access to 'admin tools'. Admin tools are buttons that enable you to make and update various things to benefit your student group. To access your admin tools for your club or society, click the cog in the top right hand corner of the SU website, then click the name of your club or society. You will be taken to your club or society admin tools page, which will look like this:


If you do not have the option to click the name of the club or society you are on the committee for, then you may not be correctly registered. To resolve this issue, fill in this form

how do I use them?

Each button on your admin tools allows committee members to do a different thing. To find out what each button does and for a guide on how to use them, please see our guides below.


Admin Tool What does it do? Link to 'How-To' Guide
Edit Details Enables committee members to edit details and social media links on their club or society page Edit Details tool guidance
Events Enables committee members to make events on the SU website for their club or society  Events tool guidance
Tickets Enables committee members to add tickets to their events on the SU website Tickets tool guidance
Messages Enables committee members to message all members of their club or society  Messages tool guidance

Provides committee members with a list of members of your club or society, and members' UEA usernames e.g. abc19def

Members tool guidance
Products Enables committee members to sell products, such as hoodies or deposits, through the SU website  
Sales Reports Provides committee members with a list of sales and purchaser details within a certain time period.  Sales Reports tool guidance
Website Pages, Groups, Signups, Polls, News, Resources, Activities, Fundraising These functions are not enabled on If you want to use one of these functions, please message  These functions are not enabled on If you want to use one of these functions, please message