president's meetings

Ali Perez

Activities & Opportunities Officer

This year, following on from the work of Oli (my predecessor) and feedback from many outgoing presidents, I'm introducing Society President's Meetings for all society presidents this year!

As Society President, this gives you the chance to give honest feedback throughtout - what's going well or not so well - in an 'anything goes' style forum. If you post an idea in the discussion forum below, it will be put on the agenda for the next President's meeting. The meetings are your chance to tell us how you really think, with no career staff members present, it will just be me there alongside some Soc Exec members, so you really can be honest! It's also an opportunity to ask me any questions. 

Club Presidents already have monthly meetings, and we have a forum here for you too for you to post your ideas for the end of meeting discussions. Sports Exec members will look at this to decide what will be the main topci of discussion!

First Society President's Meeting: 

Thursday 24th October - Time and venue TBC

First Club President's Meeting: 

Friday 4th October - Time and venue TBC