Student MedAID UEA


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Welcome to Student MedAID UEA! Student MedAID is a UK wide coalition of student-led branches, operating autonomously, who share a common goal. We aim to coordinate the redistribution of excess medical supplies to individuals, communities or places in need by organising projects that link prospective donating organisations with receiving organisations. We are also committed to using our platform to educate and raise awareness of sustainability in healthcare.

Student MedAID UEA Committee 2020-21

  • President: Ellisa Baggott
  • Vice President: Siobhan Brady
  • Secretary: Rhoda Mwangi
  • Treasurer: Heavenli Akpoveta
  • Equality and Diversity Officer: Evie Banham
  • Health and Safety Officer: Sophie Hetterley
  • Resource Director: Samuel Grills
  • Communications Officer: Caitlin McArthur
  • Publicity Officer: Georgia Thomason
  • Events Coordinator: Jess Lau
  • Year 2 Representative: Amy Forrest
  • Year 3 Representative: Roxane Lam
  • Year 4 Representative: Munira Mohamud