Student MedAID UEA


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Welcome to Student MedAID UEA! We are a new branch of the student-led charity Student MedAID that was originally founded in Edinburgh in 2008. We collect unused and unwanted medical equipment from hospitals, organisations, and members of the public in the UK and coordinate the redistribution of this equipment to under-resourced healthcare institutions worldwide. By collecting surplus equipment, we aim to reduce wastage in the NHS and work towards a sustainable healthcare system both nationally and globally. We believe that every individual has the right to healthcare, and thus, we advocate for equity and accessibility to healthcare resources for those who do not have the voice to do so.

Student MedAID UEA Committee 2020-21

  • President: Ellisa Baggott
  • Vice President: Siobhan Brady
  • Secretary: Rhoda Mwangi
  • Treasurer: Heavenli Akpoveta
  • Resource Director: Samuel Grills
  • Communications Officer: Caitlin McArthur
  • Publicity Officer: Georgia Thomason
  • Events Coordinator: Jess Lau
  • Year 2 Representative: Amy Forrest