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Originating in the US as a means of marking trees for felling, paintball has become a worldwide staple of stag dos and corporate weekends away.  For us, it’s a great way of meeting some new people with a common interest and building a team of people to play with in an exciting, high adrenaline setting.

The society has three main activities:
1. We take people out into the woods for the good old-fashioned paintball experience you’ve all seen before. We’ll take you out there, make sure you have a good day, and bring you back, might even lend you some gear if you’re good.

2. The UEA Titans play competitively at tournaments, specifically, the UK Student Cup, against university teams from around the country. We run free training events every Sunday morning to make sure you’re all fit and ready to compete as well as live training days once a month or so to sharpen your skills under fire.

3. Towards the end of the year there are a number of large scenario events that our members often attend. They work a lot like festivals but with a little less music and a lot more shooting at each other. At each one we join up with the UK Student Paintball Network’s student village and spend our downtime, drinking, talking smack and swapping stories with students from around the country.

How much does it cost to join I hear you ask? Why just £5, for access to all this excitement!

Was have a couple of events pre-planned. Our first woodsball event is going to be on either Saturday the 14th of October or Sunday the 15th of October, and our first social is due to be on Wednesday the 4th so you can all get to know each other and the committee before battle commences.


Does it hurt?
Ok, yes, it does, a little. Not much more than a sharp poke with a finger, and by the time it actually happens you’re so high on adrenaline you’re biggest worry is walking back to the safe zone.

Isn’t it expensive?
Days out cost £30. That’s enough to get you there and back, as well as all your gear, lunch, and 600 balls, which, if you’re sensible, will see you through the day. That’s less than a heavy night out and it hurts a lot less than a hangover.

Do I actually have to run loads?
You don’t have to, but it helps. The general advice is, if you’re not taking paint, move, if you’re going to move, run.

What is Speedball?
Speedball is a version of paintball played at a more competitive level, it’s faster paced, and involves much more technical skill and markers that fire 10.5 balls per second!
UEA has a long running speedball team that competes ever year and that could be you!
For an idea of what it looks like, have a look at this:

Do I get a gun?
Yes, you will be given all the hardware you need on the day. For Speedball we will endeavour to spread our own kit around and make sure you’ve got the best we can get you but it’ll depend on numbers on the day.

Will my friends think it's weird?
No, because you’ll bring them along and they’ll see how cool you are/it is.

Do I need to buy equipment or is it covered?
If you wish to get your own gear, we’re more than happy to help in terms of looking for good deals and talking to sponsors but no, you don’t need it.

When do I get promoted to sniper l33t?
When you join up with the Titans and learn to snapshoot…

What's appropriate to wear?
You’ll get a set of coveralls to wear on the day so otherwise all that remains is either solid shoes, or a spare pair of socks, it can get muddy. The one bit of advice we do give though, is to not wear too much underneath your camos, it might feel like protection but it’ll just mean your goggles will fog up and you’ll end up getting shot more.

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