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come along to the development film-making event

With elections over, I thought it would be the perfect time to let you all know about the development filmmaking projects that are happening on campus at the moment. Last week there was a talk on campus regarding ethical volunteering and how to avoid becoming a Stacey Dooley-like white savior, and there’s still a lot more to come! To watch the video for the Dooley talk click the link here

  Development society and three amazing Development students are putting on three awesome series of productions for you to watch on campus. Why not come along to learn more about how to make some fantastic films ranging from marine life conservation to the lives of refugees. These films reflect the breadth of filmmaking that you could partake in!  

See the full schedule below:   

Film 1 Trouble in Paradise: Gulf of Mannar 

A three-part series of 9-minute videos on the impact of marine conservation. This film looks at the lives of fishermen along the coast of Tamil Nadu, the Gulf of Mannar islands, showcasing the complexities within conservation and development. This film was made with the Care Earth trust and presents opportunities for Environmentally-minded students. 


Film 2 Jal Tekada, Journey of My Life 

This is a short film about refugees in South Sudan and is promoted by International Development student FanMan Tsang who worked out there developing their telecommunications. Come along and have a chat with him if you’re interested in knowing how to get into a media role like his!  


Film 3  Kanthari: change from within  

A 52-minute film taking place in India, China, Kenya and Uganda. This film was produced by International Development student Tomasz Kozakiewicz. 

It is a movie that traces the journey through East Africa, advocating for a more inclusive development aid model, where people from marginalized communities who have the potential are identified and empowered to carry out their plans for social change. 


Come along tomorrow, Thursday the 28th of March, in lecture theatre 3, 7PM-9.30PM to get involved, and feel free to contact me at for moer information about the event and how to get involved.

- Rob Klim, Ethical Issues Officer


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