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If I mention timetabling and teaching spaces to students, they will often have many stories to tell me. Some very positive and some not so. These are two big priorities that the university considers in all of its work and are ingrained in the work I do as your officer. With new buildings being built and planned, there is an opportunity for students to talk about what teaching and learning they would like to see during their time at UEA and contribute to the future of the university. Part of this will be taking place at our Education Fair on 3rd February 2020. This will be an opportunity for students to look at model furniture that might be considered for new buildings and to replace old furniture in existing facilities. You will be able to trial them out, take photos and vote for which furniture you like best and tell us what leaning you like to experience. This will be supported by a hotline in January 2020 where you will be able to text in with your issues about teaching spaces. This will help us feedback to the university about what works and what needs changing. 

As well as this we have some exciting work going on by one of your Faculty convenors. One of the things I am most proud of this year is that our representatives want to get involved in manifesto work I am doing as an officer. Toby, the Science Faculty Convenor (Undergraduate) has launched a timetabling form with us at uea(su). Underneath he explains his experiences: 

‘I have some examples that I have experienced as a Maths student: 

  • Being placed in rooms that are way too hot (C.HALL 1.17) 
  • Awkward angles and split whiteboards (JSC) 
  • Too large for your module size (LT1/2) 
  • Inadequate arm and notebook support (QUEENS) 
  • Two consecutive contact hour slots on opposing sides of campus (TPSC to Blackdale) 

I originally wanted to just focus on my faculty but having learned over the Autumn term the scale of this problem, I am more than happy to see this work being rolled out throughout the entire university. Each school has preferable rooms/zones to teach in, yet some students always end up being forced into inadequate rooms. This needs to change.’ (Toby Maskell, SCI Faculty Convenor) 

The form will help to make the university aware of the student perspective of timetabling. Both myself and Toby have spoken to the university and external consultants about timetabling and the experience of students. A Rep Forum was also held earlier in the semester, where over 25 reps got to voice their opinions and experiences, similar to Toby’s above. 

Please fill out the form, mention any modules you have had room issues with, mention the room, so that we as a student body can have a healthier and smoother learning experience. 

So there are 3 key actions to take from this blog: 

1. Come along to the Education Fair 3rd February 2020 to trial, vote and voice your preferences for teaching spaces and furniture in those spaces. 

2. Keep an eye out for our hotline to text in concerns about inadequate teaching spaces 

3. Head to our website to fill out the form on your current timetabling experience.


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