Graduate Assembly

We want to make sure that the voice of postgraduate students is heard louder and clearer within decision making at UEA. The Postgraduate Assembly is open to all postgraduates and will discuss issues and policies to ensure that decisions affecting postgraduates are made by postgraduates.

The Postgraduate Assembly will set postgraduate-focused policy to mandate the work of the PostgraduateSU Committee and Postgraduate representatives of the Student Officer Committee. It will also be able to send policy recommendations to Union Council.

There will be refreshments available at each assembly and a theme will be set beforehand.

Meeting take place in Scholars' Lounge and Bookable Rooms 7 / 8 at 5.15pm - 6.45pm. Pizza and drinks are provided to those who attend. 

Postgraduate Assembly dates for 2018/2019

2nd October 2018 

16th October 2018

30th October 2018 

13th November 2018 

15th January 2019 

29th January 2019 

19th February 2019 

30th April 2019


Assembly Policies

These are policies passed by the Assembly that either mandate the Postgraduate Education Officer to take action on something, set out the Assembly's stance on an issue or give approval to an idea that someone wants to send to Union Council.