Student Groups Committee Induction

Saturday 30 May 2020, 11am - 2pm

Microsoft Teams

Student Group Induction Day

Hi all,

The student group induction will include and introduction to your role, the SU and UEA Sport, you will be presented with some of the key aspects of your role and responsibilities as general committee members. We will also brief you all predominantly on our current thinking about what university will be like in September.

Who is this event for? All new and returning club or society committee members

Is it compulsory? - Yes it is, we will be asking you to record your attendance and at the start and end of the session.

How long will it take? - The session in total will last from 11am - 2pm but this will break out to club or society specific sessions.

I can’t make this time will there be another one? Yes there will be another one but we suggest you try and come along to this one. We will do another on a week later and after exams and for those starting late in September. 

What happens if I don’t attend? We will revoke some club/society privileges until the committee attends.

How do I log in? - Microsoft Teams is free software and is also provided by the UEA as part of your webmail account. The day before the event we will email all ticket holders the link to the event. Please click the link and you will join the event via the teams app or broswer depending on your computer settings.

Please purchase a free ticket to this event to receive that email. 

Accessibility - we will be adding captioning to this event and it will be recorded for those wishing to have access post the event.

Thanks and see you all there! 

SU Opportunities and UEA Sport Team