courage wellbeing project

The Courage Project is researching and piloting innovative approaches to support the mental health and wellbeing of postgraduate research students at UEA. It is a joint project by University of East Anglia, uea(su), University of Suffolk and Norwich Biosciences Institutes. 

The project includes activities led by both students and staff.  It will have eight key areas of focus.

uea(su) will be leading on:

  • Building research community culture across UEA’s four Faculties, Norwich Bioscience Institutes and the University of Suffolk
  • Resilience and wellbeing training for PGRs
  • ‘low commitment’ sports and fitness activity, including exercise and walk groups to support health and build community among staff and PGRs 

University staff-led activity will focus on:

  • Evaluating current online support programmes
  • Supporting staff who supervise postgraduate research, through improved training  to recognise mental health issues
  • Creating an Associate Tutor support network
  • Developing a Health Impact Assessment to embed good mental health and wellbeing into everyday practices
  • Research and Advocacy: a review of mental health issues around postgraduate research to inform all the other activities in the project.  Also pulling together the lessons from the Courage Project to share with other higher education institutions, through a national mental health summit.

Bryony Porter is the uea(su) PGR Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator and is the contact for the three strands that uea(su) are leading on. 

You will be able to find out more about the Courage Project in our PGR blog: The Lakeside View, launching on September 3rd.