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One of the goals of the Courage Wellbeing Project is to research and report upon the current state of mental health care for PGRs within the University of East Anglia and academia more broadly. Since the project's inception, we have had a number of academics and PGR placements conducting research for us in a variety of areas, ranging from the importance of space to PGRs, to resilience training opportunities, and more. This work builds upon prior uea(su) research, such as the 2015/16 Honesty Project. This page is still in progress, with reports still being created. To see the reports currently available, check below.

Research Reports


Dr David Watson & Dr John Turnpenny Supporting the Mental Health of Postgraduate Research Students: Review Summary (Feb 2019) - click here to view 

This research utilises a rapid systematic review methodology to screen hundreds of papers on PGR mental health in order to identify commonalities and provide recommendations for institutions moving forward as a result. 





Developing Research Culture and Community: Courage Project PGR Placement Reports

Andrea James Building Community and Research Culture in HUM (2019) - click here to view

This research explores the importance of dedicated, allocated, shared space in building community and research culture for PGR students by interviewing several groups of PGRs in the HUM school at UEA.


Marton Olbei Developing Research Community Culture: A NBI PIPs Placement Report (2019) - Click here to view

This report shares the results of a survey mapping attitudes towards research culture and community at NBI (Norwich Bioscience Institutes) and launching an event series to build communities through mutual skill sharing. 


Jennifer Coe Developing Research Culture and Community at the University of Suffolk for PGRs (2019) - Click here to view 

This report shares the wide range of work Jennifer conducted during her Courage Project placement from Jan 2019 - Jan 2020. This work centred around building a community for PGRs at UoS. 


Milena Contreras & Vaisakh Puthusseryppady Developing Research Culture and Community Through Bitesize PhD Report (Factulty of Medicine and Health)  (2020) - Click here to view 

Milena and Vaisakh wrote this report to share the ongoing work to develop research communities through a lunchtime seminar series, by PGRs and for PGRs, Bitesize PhD. The report includes valuable feedback from PGRs who have attended and presented. 


Laura Haag FMH Placement Report on PGR Mentorship Programme, #IamRemarkable Workshop and PGR Breakfast Meetup (2020) - Click here to view

Laura's Courage placement included trialing ways to improve research community throug the PGR Breakfast Meetup, giving a workshop to improve confidence and empower (#IamRemarkable) and researching the possibility of a PGR mentorship programme. 


Natasha Senior Research Culture and Community in the Sciences (2020) - Click here to view

Natasha completed 11 1-2-1 interviews with PGRs from SCI faculty to understand issues around research culture, community and ethics. The findings were used to create fictional and annonymous monologues of the reality of PGR experiences. The monologues are presented in this report. 


James Craske Building Community and Research Culture for Postgraduate Researchers in SSF (Social Science Faculty) - Click here to view

James  completed a workshop to understand Research Culture for PGRs and three Publication Development Sessions involving both staff and PGRs to share their experiences, successes and failures of publishing.


Understanding PGR Resilience and Opinions of Resilience Training 

Linda Horsnell Understanding Resilience and Resilience Training for PGRs (2019) - Click here to view

Linda conducted 18 1-2-1 interviews with PGRs to (1) understand resilience amongst PGRs and (2) to understand PGR views and opinions of training to support managing stressful circumstances (resilience training).