a walking group for postgraduate researchers at the uea

walk and talk: PGR walking group

a walking group for postgraduate researchers at the uea


Regular breaks from working at your desk can help motivation and productivity. Get out of the office and stretch your legs with us on a Walk & Talk around campus!


During the Courage Project we scheduled regular Walk & Talks around campus to give Postgraduate Research students a chance to take a break, get some fresh air, and talk to peers about how they are doing.

We usually began our Walk & Talks outside the UEA Sainsbury Centre. Occasionally, our Walk & Talks are themed, so that we have a topic to discuss - these will be signposted in advance.

The results of The Honesty Project, a research project into PGR mental health at the University of East Anglia, found that many respondents reported suffering from feelings of isolation while studying. These walks were led by Bryony Porter (PGR Mental Health Coordinator and Mental Health First Aider), who led on the Courage Wellbeing Project that supports the work on prevention, intervention and cultural change around mental health among Postgraduate Researchers. We hope that these walks act as a small step in the right direction, towards ending the culture of isolation that respondents to The Honesty Project highlighted in 2016.

Lakeside View blog posts about the Walk & Talks:

Bryony Porter, postgraduate researcher and PGR Mental Health Coordinator, on the logic behind setting up the Walk & Talks here.

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"There appears to be something special about the ability to share experiences and difficulties whilst doing something shoulder-to-shoulder rather than face-to-face. The walks have provided an opportunity to build connections across disciplines, faculties and research areas. A commonality between one another of experiencing the PhD, whilst taking a moment to be outside, away from your desk or lab and experiencing the changing of the seasons and the beauty that comes with it across the campus."

- Bryony Porter, PGR Mental Health Coordinator