associate tutor network

The AT Network is for current PGR students who teach, and those looking or about to go into teaching at UEA. We want this network to be a place for ATs to share their experiences of working at UEA, and for us to share with you our plans to transform your teaching experience ensuring you're valued within your teaching culture.

Our AT Network comes off the back of our PhD Students as Associate Tutors research, and is part of the Courage Wellbeing Project.To stay in touch on all AT issues and our campaign please sign up to our mailing list here.

AT Network Meetings

Meetings for the AT Network typically take place at 6pm, in the scholars lounge and bookable rooms 7/8. For information on when the next meeting will be, please contact postgraduate(su).

Past meetings:

  • 17th October 2019 - Town Hall
  • 7th November 2019
  • 28th November 2019
  • 29th January 2020


UEA's Response to our Research on PhD Students as ATs


This document outlines the universities initial response to our findings and recommendations followed by a more recent update on each of the issues highlighted. Moreover, there are two additional recommendations and concerns raised since the research took place which are being taken into consideration. 


ATs at UEA do so many incredible things, going above and beyond for the education of their students. This includes supporting the establishment of Peer Assisted Learning and Reading and Writing Cafes. Find out more by clicking here.