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democracy discussions: policy update and your officer update

It’s been a while since I’ve done an officer update and council catch up on here so I just wanted to highlight you all to some of the work I’ve been doing recently.

We had Neil Ward, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Pro Vice Chancellor of Academic) talk through the university’s position around the UCU strikes and he answered questions by members of Council too.

We then went through the Full Time Officer and Part Time Officer Reports and discussed what I’ve been up to over the last month including (You can read my full council update here):  

  • Updating Council on my work related to accommodation and the successful conversations around implementing the affordability factor and creating a Understanding of Memorandum
  • The work I have been doing around the democratic restructures
  • Womens+ History Month planning including the organising of Reclaim the Night

We then went through the effort of policy lapse, and yes, it is finally done for this academic year! You can have a look on the website for the minutes of the Union Council in January to see what got readopted, lapsed and became policy precedent.

We then went through motions:

  • Mental Health Toolbox for Councillors
  • Defend Erasmus Funding
  • Amendment to the Bye-law 10: The Budget Definitions
  • Who Runs The World? GIRLS: Womens+ History Month
  • Decolonise UEA
  • Adoption of Official International Holocaust Remembrance

We then approved five new societies:  

  • Sikh Society
  • Autistic Society
  • Kurdish Society
  • Albanian Society
  • Natural Hair Society

It was absolutely fantastic to see so many of you! I know the meeting was long, but we got lots of things done very efficiently. In the meantime, if you have any questions or how to propose a motion, feel free to email me at and we can organise something. Equally if you want to get involved with the implementation of policy, get in touch and I can direct you to the right person! I hope to see you on the 13th February at 6pm in Lecture Theatre 2. At this meeting we’ll have the Vice Chancellor so if there’s any questions for the person in charge of the university, do pop along and ask!



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