exam and degree results support

From the beginning of September, the results from this year's reassessment period will be confirmed by the Exam Boards.

For some, this means confirmation you've passed and will continue to the next academic year. For others, you will have questions about what options are available for you.  

This page has been created to be a one-stop shop for all your initial queries.



What if I have not passed my reassessments, what happens next?

If you have not passed your reassessments, unfortunately, you should expect to be withdrawn from your course.


But what if my exams/coursework were affected by something beyond my control?

If you did not submit EC's at the time of the exams or you submitted them and they were rejected, you will need to submit an Academic Appeal. Don’t worry you are not alone, we can support you. For more on Academic Appeals please see the link below.


Will I be allowed to continue pending or as a result of the appeal?

No. If you have not yet gained enough credits to pass the year you will not be able to continue. If an appeal is upheld you are likely to be offered a further attempt during the next assessment period (Spring). 


Can I repeat the year this coming semester?

Again, unfortunately no. If you have not already submitted an appeal you will not be able to repeat a year starting this coming academic year. If your appeal is upheld and you want to repeat the academic year this will need to take place in September 2020.


I took delayed first attempts in August but didn’t pass them. Where do I stand?

You will usually still have a reassessment opportunity available to you.


Please note - if either following delayed first attempts or as a result of an appeal you are offered a reassessment attempt these are likely to take place in Spring 2020. As a result, you will need to take a break in studies until then. Once you have passed these reassessments you will be able to progress to your next academic year in September 2020.

If you are required to take a break in studies there will be no tuition fees for this period but you will also not be entitled to any maintenance loan.


I submitted ECs which were accepted but I still need to retake the exams, why?

Even though the university accepted your ECs You still have to pass all the elements of your degree. In this case, you are likely to be offered Delayed First Sits which are not capped and do not carry a reassessment fee.


Things this academic year just did not go well, can I repeat the year?

Repeating the year is a common and valid thing to do for those who have been affected by ECs during the year. Requests for students to repeat the year are done through submitting an EC.

You should also check that you are entitled to extra funding from your particular funding body. For those who receive funding through UK Student Finance, you will ordinarily be entitled to one addition years funding on top of the normal length of your degree.

Please note you are not entitled to repeat the year if you have already been withdrawn from your course and you will need to make an academic appeal first.