Good Neighbour Scheme

We here at UEA|SU think that UEA students add loads to the local community from volunteering for charities, to being Scout leaders to simply buying things from local shops. We love that we’re a part of Norwich, this fine city.

We want students to not only succeed at their studies but also succeed at life. So much of what we do as a Students’ Union is beyond what students study for their degree and we help shape students to have a positive impact on the world around them.

Our belief is that everyone should be proud of where they live and their community and so we want to work with everyone in Norwich to make it a great place to live, study and work.

In years gone by your neighbours might have had a key and popped over every other day for a cuppa and whilst we know things have changed a little we still know that your neighbours are an important part of your life. We want student neighbours to be some of the best you’ve ever had and so, we’ve put something together to help with that. 
There are ten principals which form part of our Good Neighbour Scheme and we believe they’re the secret to the good neighbourly relationship which everyone wants. You can read the ten points below.


You’ll know a Good Neighbour Scheme house as they’ll have a sticker in the window so do make sure you let us know how you’re getting along.

Has your student neighbour been looking after your cat whilst you’re away on holiday or just making sure the bins are out on time- we want to hear it all, good or not so good.

You’ll find the form here where you can tell us all about how good your neighbour is.

The 10 principles of being a good neighbour

1. Litter and Bins: Know when your bin collection day is and delegate a housemate every week to put the bins out on time. Remember that it’s really important to bring the bins back in.
2. Bicycles: Keep your bike locked up safe in a secure place away from communal spaces such as alleyways and pavements.
3. Disruption: Be considerate when holding parties and coming home remembering that other people might keep a different schedule to you. Make sure any music you play is switched off at a reasonable time. 
4. Become part of the Community: Students are an important part of the community, get involved in local activities such as charity groups.
5. Music Control: Keep your volumes at a reasonable level, especially in terraced or high density housing and let your neighbours know they can tell you if it’s too loud.
6. Tidy Home: Keep your garden and communal areas tidy and clear of large obstacles such as rubbish and furniture.
7. Know your neighbours: Good neighbour relationships can break down barriers so make an effort to get to know the people you live next to within a few weeks of moving into the area.
8. Moving in and out: Be considerate when moving in and out of your house and try not to block the street.
9. Lock it: Make sure your house is locked and secure at all times- don't leave windows wide open and make sure you lock the door when you’re out.
10. Report issues to the relevant authorities: If you see something wrong happening in your community, report it to the relevant authority- if you’re not sure who that is, come and see someone in the SU.