personal safety

personal safety

Norwich is one of the safest places for students in the country and generally very student-friendly. But nothing is perfect so here are some ways to stay safe:

safer taxi scheme

If you are in the city and have no means of getting home, you can give your name and student number to participating taxi companies (show them your campus card) and they will get you home. You will be billed by the union for the fare when we receive the invoice. To check which taxi companies are currently taking part in the scheme, see

in the city

If you are in the city centre on a Friday or Saturday night and need help, you can head for the SOS bus (you'll find it just off the Prince of Wales Road) or call 07833 505 505. Volunteers and first aiders are there to provide assistance for anyone whose well-being is threatened by the inability to get home, illness or injury, emotional distress or other vulnerability

on campus

If you feel unsafe on campus security will respond to security or safety concerns around campus. If they have enough staff available, security will accompany first year students home (on campus) if they are walking alone and don’t feel safe. Security are based at the Lodge, at the top of University and Chancellor Drive

Security Emergency Number: 01603 592222

Advice on safety from Norfolk police