mental health

having a mental health condition at university

Medical Centre

One of your first ports of calls should be the medical centre on campus. They will be able to help with referring you on to further support and with any medication you need. All of the doctors there are used to dealing with students and they see lots of people with a variety of mental health conditions everyday. If you are not registered you can register online.

Student Support Service (SSS)

SSS’s team of Mental Health Advisors offer support to students with diagnosed or emerging mental health conditions. The service provides an open door policy for current and intercalating students who require confidential support related to their wellbeing needs. Mental Health Advisors can respond to students in crisis (related to their mental health condition) and liaise with health and social care professionals to facilitate holistic support. The team will also ensure that necessary reasonable adjustments are made for students who have mental health conditions.  SSS Mental Health Advisors are all experienced mental health professionals who will provide advice, support and guidance regarding any concerns you may have about your own, or a friend’s mental health/wellbeing. The team offers brief and focussed interventions that include 1-1 sessions, group sessions and workshops.


The aim of the University Counselling Service is to enable you to realise your full potential, participate fully in University life and to leave the University well prepared for the future.

Life at University can be exciting and enjoyable, providing opportunities to develop new relationships and friendships, study subjects of choice and explore new interests. However for some difficulties may emerge that can seriously impact upon their Wellbeing. Occasionally worries, anxieties and low mood can become overwhelming making it difficult to cope with the demands of University life. Whatever your experience, it is important to remember that the University Counselling Service can support you when life becomes difficult and painful.

SSS’s counsellors/therapists provide brief therapy for a range of issues including: anxiety, depression, identity, sexuality, relationships, grief and loss, transitions, spirituality, home sickness, abuse, concerns around eating and body image and challenges arising from study.

Students are now able to refer themselves to the Wellbeing Service, either by visiting or telephoning (01603 592761) the Student Support Services or by completing our new self-referral form and emailing it to or handing the completed form in to Reception in the Centre.


Nightline is run for students by students and you can talk to them about anything you like. Often people feel that what they’re experiencing isn’t serious or important enough to talk to someone about, but Nightline is here for you no matter what is going on. If it’s on your mind, they want to hear about it. They are a confidential and anonymous organisation so whatever you tell them stays within the organisation. You can find their details here.

Student Minds

Student Minds is a student-run UEA society who run student peer support groups and organise campaigns across campus aimed at raising awareness about mental illness and reducing the stigma surrounding it

You can also contact these dedicated university services

See for a list of more resources.


Umbrella is the peer support group for students with disabilities. They have weekly meetings that you can attend which you can attend. I would recommend signing up on the SU website. It’s completely free and you will receive email updates about the meeting times and their social events.