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Club and society elections

You can now nominate yourself for a committee position in any club or society that you are a member of by heading to their page on the SU website. Here you can view all the available positions, and figure out which one suits you! Getting involved in a committee has a host of benefits; you’ll be able to develop specific skills, as well as shaping the future of your club or society for years to come!


Each club or society has three signatory members. These are the people who sign any official documents and expense forms, and they consist of:

President – Represents and runs the club/society. This role encompasses a large range of responsibilities, from managing events and meetings to liaising with the SU and external parties.

Treasurer – Looks after finance for the club/society. This includes managing budgets and funds in terms of sponsorships, fundraising and grants, as well as working with the Student Opportunities Finance Administrator.   

Secretary – Manages administration tasks. This could include things such as communicating with members, securing room bookings and taking minutes at committee meetings.

There are also a few other core positions:

Health and Safety officer – Ensures that all activities are carried out safely. In this role, you are expected to fill out risk assessments for any events your club/society are holding, as well as working with the Student’s Event Coordinator to address any safety issues.

Union Council rep –Represents the interests of your club/society at monthly Union Council meetings. This involves being an approachable point of contact for your members on matters of Union policy, and putting forward motions on their behalf before reporting back to your committee and members.

Equality and Diversity officer – Ensures that every student has an equal opportunity to participate in club/society activities. You are required to assess how this can be achieved and maintained in terms of communication, meetings, events, publicity and by your membership group as a whole.

Of course, many clubs and societies have different or more specific roles, depending on their nature. These could include roles such as:

Vice President

Social Secretary

Team Captains

Women’s Rep

Publicity Officer

Postgraduate Officer

You can see all the available positions for each group by heading to their page in the ‘Clubs’ and ‘Societies’ sections of the SU site (under the Opportunities tab). Nominations close at 3pm on Monday 24th April, and from 5pm you can start voting for who you want to lead your club or society in 2017-18!


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